Work and School Experiences

We all go through years and years of schooling from the very basic elementary level that prepares one for the highest possible levels of academic achievements in university. Education is important since it prepares one for the future and enables people  learn the necessary skills that will enable us achieve all we want and aim to achieve in the work place. The education that we get in school is the beginning of the career choices that we make in the future since we all tend to favor some subjects that eventually lead us to choose careers that are inclined towards their direction. Doctors will have had a liking for the science subjects, mathematicians and accountants will have found favor with mathematics as a subject while in school and many more.

What is important to note is that there is learning both at the work place and at school levels. Learning is a continuous process without an end and anyone can learn a lot from all our interactions regardless of the location that we are in. While in school most students look forward to completing their high school and joining college or university. This is because there is the notion that one will get a lot of freedom once they leave home and head for college. Most people share their homes with their parents or guardians while in school but end up moving away from home when they join college. Even for those who join colleges near their homes, most students will tend to live on the campus grounds rather than commute from their parents homes. When in school all the way through to high school one is considered a child since most of the students in this group will be below the age of seventeen. This is a time in once life when the parents have a lot of control over their lives thus most will feel like their freedom would only come by in college.

In school one learns the most important lessons in life. It is usually the first place where children learn how to live and interact with other people besides their family members. This is an important lesson since from then on one will have to spend the rest of their lives surrounded by other people. We then learn to make friends and fend for ourselves since the parents are nowhere near to defend us like they have been all along. Once one gets to college and leaves their home, one learns the import lesson of managing the little money that they have. As a student living at home, the food will always be there and all the necessary supplies. Once in college one has to do their own shopping and manage it throughout the semester. College education is more complex than high school since one has to look for their lecturer theatres to attend a class. This requires a lot of organization that then becomes a good lesson in someone’s life. People often find themselves having a lot of time away from class that they can spend doing whatever that they wanted to. Some people develop the wrong habits and spend this time engaging in negative activities like drug and substance abuse instead of doing extra studies and utilizing the library available for them or engaging in positive activities like games and athletics.   

Once through with college most people find jobs and start living independently by their own away from the comforts of their parents homes. There is a lot of pressure at the work place that may be too overwhelming for people immediately they start working. One has to adjust very fast to ensure that they meet all the deadlines that come with their jobs. It is not like school where one can be given a chance to re-seat an exam, in reality the work place does not afford anyone a second chance. The work place requires one to be organized and focused on what they want in life. In college the only end is to pass exams and graduate but there are more options at the workplace. One has to find the path to use to grow and achieve their career goals whether it is by furthering their education or moving jobs. It also requires a clear mindset since one can find them caught up in the wrong company.

All in all life is a continuous life lesson without an end. School is important as it gives people the chance and the pedestal to reach their full potential and is the foundation for the future. We should always be open to our surroundings’ as every place and times offers us a chance to learn something new that may come in handy some day. 

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