Writing Styles

As education and learning systems have over the years undergone a state of evolution, this has been accompanied with similar transition in the courses requirements both intrinsic and extrinsic needs. In the modern learning institutions, academic works is presented several categories of writing styles. APA and MLA are among the most stylistics which have attracted much attention in the presentation of academic and scholarly research papers (Salado, 2002).

As far as these dual writing styles are concerned, many students are perplexed of the applications of the two, thus fails to deliver quality satisfying work that suffice tutor’s expectation. This has triggered my consciences to highlighting distinctive disparities and parities between the two. In the general aspects of course, grouping, APA style suit perfectly in the domains of social sciences comprising of law, economics, business and criminal justices just to mention but a few examples. On the other hand, MLA style is normally used with research work involving subjects in the humanity category as well as liberal arts which entails media studies, mass communication and general literature(Salado, 2002).

Furthermore, APA and MLA styles have fine distinctive feature in their body structures. Whereas APA can described as more sophisticated by having much more parts which include title page in which running head is inserted and perhaps abstract that follows it, MLA style is void of these portions. While the personal details and those identify the institution of the student are incorporated and centered in the title page in APA style, identification data or information in MLA are left aligned in the first page.

Although the two styles have several differences, they also portray a number of similar. Structurally, sentences in both styles are doubly spaced with each first sentence line of the paragraphs indented to the right, and pages are numbered at the right upper corner. In the endeavor of authenticity of the work, inside citations are included and references list which is alphabetically arranged composed at the end beginning at new separate page. However, the list is ought to be numbered in MLA but numbering is unnecessary with APA (Salado, 2002).

As I conclude, APA and MLA styles are paramount styles which are used in writing research papers, thus they play vital part in presenting academic and research work. I believe MLA style is the most easier perhaps this might be due to my experience with MLA. Whereas the APA style seems to have extra professional features that add valuable information in the analysis of research topic, my previous experiences with MLA in the literature work may impede my APA usage in the future.

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