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Alexander the Great

No soldier in history is more indisputably "great" than Alexander, surpassing the majority even of good and e... Details

Slavery in America

Slavery appeared not only as a moral issue, but also affected the nation on an economic, social and legal level. Arguab... Details

American History-1865 to Present

Without a dominating military or need to have a presence around the world, the United States maintained a low profile i... Details


The gladiatorial games probably originated as part of the funeral rites for prominent Romans, but they eventually becam... Details

Describe the Pathways and Roles of the Two Feedback Systems

When the practical demands of World War II required a body of theoretical knowledge to facilitate the design of automat... Details

George Washington as a Military Commander

Double agents. Invisible ink. Clandestine meetings. False identities. Secret signals. Sounds like something right out o... Details