American Civil War

Civil war was elicited following the election of Abraham Lincoln the sixteenth American president in between 1861 to 1865. This lead to the formation of the American confederate states by the southern American community. This was done in the response of the election results which were disputed. The confederacy was formed under the member states consisting of twenty five states belonging to the southern community of the American continent. These enjoyed support from the federal government (Harold, Craig , & Bill , 2010).

The presidential election of 1860 involved great revolutionary changes as promised by the Republican Party candidate of the time –Abraham Lincoln. Much of the great changes that were in the proposals made by the candidates included stopping the extensive slavery and slave trade that existed in the country over the considerable and was highly supported by the preceding governments. They republicans on the hand had strongly advocated for nationalism. Considering the need to keep the details of the tragic war that hit the American continent in the eighteenth century movies were produced and books were written and even the newspapers that were written by that time are kept in archives for references .basically civil war of the 1860-1865 remains remarkable to the American society and the need to transfer the details from one generation to the next (The Civil War:US compilation, 2004).

Civil war film by Ken Burns

Ken Burns offer a series about the civil war in his a film he directed. This is a fantastic series about the war and it covers the causes that culminate to the disastrous outbreak of the war between southern and the northern America. These two halves of the onetime united continent fall into pieces of the tragic war, and the much advancement politically economically and social being of the American people were reduced o ashes of wasted labor. As per the film directed by Ken burns, which was one of the most  attention seeking and captivating Americans civil war films provides details on the origin of the civil war that left the face of America changed. Vivid coverage of the question of race and predominant forms of discriminations are addressed in the film providing the background of the great toll of the civil war. Other aspects such as the changing roles of women and men in the society, the issues in between the differences of the federal government and the local government are extensively covers in the film to offer a good understanding of the film (Top Documentary Films, 2007).

The attached pictures attached to the words that Are clearly pronounced, with the slow movement of the camera were provide in a bid to clearly put the picture of the war. The audience is allowed to see the real experiences over the effect of the war on the American people.

As much as war has its mayhem, it can as well be of great television development, this is proved by this film created by ken burns, and it marked the start of television revolution. Civil war has held a good number of viewers to their screens. The involvement of the well known actors in the film enhances full range of human fears and hopes as they read out the diary entries and letters, with the use of much extensive of historians to a good historical perspective over the events. All these are resulting in the exposure of an illuminating scenario that brings out the real and most painful past to the American nation (The Civil War:US compilation, 2004).

Civil War on the News

Extensive and cleverly written articles flooded the New York Times news paper over a considerable time, reports indicate that the New York contributed approximately 448,000 troops and a substantial amount of money to the union during the war and other untold tons of supplies including food a stuffs and different forms of animation to the soldiers in the war.

Other states as well are recorded to have helps much in the success f this massive destruction in the form of civil war. For example South Carolina is where the wars first shots were fired in the summer of April in 1861.

With regard of the importance of this destruction the government made it a constitutional duty to hold anniversaries over time to commemorate the events of the war and to honor the departed individual who perished in the tragedy of the civil war. Record for the news have shown that over 21 states have formed commissions, committees to spearhead the implementation of the anniversaries, of these states  Virginia and Pennsylvania have been recorded to be leading the revolution that is aimed at making the efforts to hold the commemorations are realized (Harold, Craig , & Bill , 2010).


Civil war was initially experienced in the American nation following the presidential election that resulted in the two halves of the American to engage in a tragic war that caused massive loss of lives and destruction of property.

The intensity of this war could not be ascertained in the future of the nation, considering the need to pass the information from one generation to the next, and for the purposes of learning. Films covering the details of the civil war were recorded and documentaries on the films are also available.

Much of the written information is found on the news papers that recorded the details of the events of the war a good example is the New York Times newspaper.

The use of historians in the developing the plot in the film and the employment of prominent actors has contributed to the success of the coverage and good audience has been reached.

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