American Democracy

As most people think of democracy today, it did not exist during the first few decades of U.S. history. The people of the United States have from time in the past fought for democracy which apparently has been realized through stages. The United States of America went through a number of reforms in its political scene to attain the present democracy. About two hundred and forty-three years ago, the search for democracy began with little achievement. This was the time when the founding fathers of America signed the Independence Declaration to attain independence from the Great Britain. This victory culminated in the formation of union of states that make the United States of America. The first set back to fair democracy came through the Articles of Confederation. After that, the system of voting included the white males alone (Poundstone, 23-46). Voting was basically made a right for the white property owners of the male gender. Again, they were the only people who could hold government offices.

As a result, democracy began from very dark times. There was the continued search for more reforms and later on, the white domination in politics was abolished. All the same, the changes that were implemented did not suffice. It was just a mere progress made towards the right direction but the destination was not yet reached. While the contemporary system is a big improvement of the plan that was held initially, it is not yet a perfect democracy. Democracy in the United States was and is still plagued through problems that provoke an unfair voting system and a government that is in essence not of the people, for the people and by the people. Democracy has come from a long way and there is still a long way to go (Aberbach &Mark 11-67). The political competition between the Republicans and Democrats is not considered a perfect democracy for the United States of America.

The United States of America have from time in the past endeavored to define its democracy initially basing its argument on the relationship between elements in a community which are needed for fair governance. The nation has also applied democracy in a liberal sense that comprised additional factors like equality in law, political pluralism, and the right to petition elected officials for grievance redress, human rights, and civil society elements outside the government, due process and civil liberties. All through the history of the United States, there has been a view that the federal government of the United States and the public administration has not been representative of the average American citizen. Democracy was only for the rich while the poor and the vulnerable were disadvantaged by the system. The controversy that followed the history of the voting system of America was expected because the process was unfair and completely biased towards the wealthy landowners from the white race (Poundstone 23-46). The laws that gave allegiance to ownership of property, gender and race resulted in power imbalance, something that was against democracy.

Democracy constraints saw their abolishment in the period of American history between 1807 and 1843. The idea of letting land owners to vote alone was phased out. Changes started from the independent states in the nation. The voting age limit was initially at twenty one years. There was a lot of injustice to democracy with the class of people legitimated to vote and the age limit as well. The 15th Amendment to the Constitution came to establishment in 1870 where all men could vote at the age of twenty one years and above regardless of race and ethnicity. Women were later on included in the voting process in 1920 and the age limit sliced to eighteen years in 1971. This is the situation that currently exists in the United States of America. Therefore, the democracy that is realized in the United States of America as of today was very different in the first few decades of the United States (Poundstone 23-46). It was a very difficult situation for many citizens in America from those early ages. However, the democratic process went through various reforms that have led to the existence of Democrats and Republicans in America today. 

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