American Independence

America attained independence in July 2, 1776 when the American colonies were officially separated from Great Britain (Bailyn, 1967). This separation took place when the Second Continental Congress voted and approved a resolution of independence. This was proposed by one Richard Henry Lee of Virginia.

The American Revolution (war) resulted in the independence of Britain’s North American colonies which are today referred as the United States of America.

One of the major reasons for the American Revolution was the direct legislation by the British Parliament, particularly taxation. In the 1760’s the Americans did not have representation in the parliament and had no say in the implementation of taxes. At this time the British were faced with debt that they had incurred during their war with France and there quest to protect their colonies from the Indians  Therefore, the  British introduced new taxes on their colonies such as –the Revenue Act (Countryman, 1985).

This was critical because the Americans could not protect their interests and could loose all their property to the British. Moreover, these Acts did not display good governance as it infringed of the rights of Americans as they were being taxed without their consent.

In addition to high taxes, the British government put in place strict trade restrictions on their colonies making it very difficult for them to engage in local and international trade. These trade restrictions resulted to low performance on the various industries that were coming up in these British colonies. For example, in 1767, the Townshend Acts, taxes imported paper, glass, paint and lead.

Equally, the British claimed that in accordance to the English Revolution parliament could act in the name of the King in all its colonies and on its entire people. This meant that the Americans had no voice of their own and had to bend to all the rules, laws and regulations dictated to them by the British government (Baily, 1967).

These factors prompted a revolt by the American people bringing forth a war that later resulted to the total liberation of the American people.

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