American Way of War

How did Lincoln and Davis use principles of the American Revolution to justify their causes?

Abraham Lincoln opposed the further expansion of slavery. Slavery was such a significant part of Southern society as they felt that they could not survive without it. The existence of slavery was the essential factor of the conflict between the North and South. Other problems and challenges also existed which led to succession but none as big as slavery issue. Abolishing slavery was the only way to avoid the war but this was not achieved as the South still under slavery. Davis believed that slavery was not inconsistent and wanted to see slavery spread to new territory. If slavery was not allowed to spread then south would be isolated. The real issue of disagreement between Lincoln and Davis was the legality of secession.

Why did the North win the war?

Innumerable factor such as economic, political and social played an important role in the war between the North and South. The north had several economic advantages. In 1860s the human population in North was approximately 23 million and population in South was approximately 9 million, out of which 3.5 million were slaves (Weigley, 1977). This proved beneficial for the north as they had advantage in starting an army and supporting war efforts. At the same time, the north had more number of factories in the North, approximately 80 percent of total nation’s factories. These factories contributed immensely to the manufacturing of weapons and war equipments as majority of iron factories were in North. Combination of huge population to attract resources together with larger industrial capacity to produce war materials contributed significantly to North’s win. In 1862, they blocked the Southern harbors and coastal areas to cut down imports of materials. The South, were not able to overcome this shortage of material supply which included gunpowder and cannon.

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