Americans continue to serge forward even though many nations feel that they are already developed. To the American, full development can never be achieved. That kind of realization is just but an illusion which they do not subscribe to. Even by the allure of being at the top of world civilization, Americans still feel that something new and beneficial can still be done and achieved . as such, they have continuously been on the move. Thanks to David Farragut’s famous 1864 slogan, Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead

This slogan has shaped the American culture and strengthened it so much that no American will stop engaging in their endeavors even when  they seem to have achieved. As a people who remained under British colonial power for some time, their revolutionary reaction ingrained in them an appetite to continuously want to lead. And Farragut’s slogan has always encouraged them. As Alexis points out, the Americans do not put an end to their lives.  However much discouragement they might face, they never give in. at least their religion does not allow it. They seem to have a general passion for gratification and will thus resist any hurdles to give up.

Always, success is within their sight and they feel like grasping it so that even when they don’t, they continue to go for it. It is in a way living true to the slogan of damning the torpedoes and marching ahead in full speed. It is something they go after passionately and death is often never dreaded (Alexis, 339). They are continuously brooding over advantages they do not posses and that make them incessantly aspire for that which is elusive. In that kind of quest, they find themselves in a continuum of aspirations. This ambition readily endear them to the conviction that they are not born to any common destination. The notion may seem erroneous as Alexis points out in his article but it is grounded in the slogan of damning the torpedoes and moving ahead at full speed as was coined by Farragut. They are in a hurry to do this since anyone who has set his heart on a course is always in a hurry to accomplish it. This is the restlessness that Alexis has identified in his essay as he talks of a core embodiment of the American culture. This slogan has imparted courage in the American nationals especially soldiers for whom it was coined. This is a great advantage and impetus to tackle challenges head on. Another value that this slogan would add to the American culture is that if determination. They are determined and persevere to achieve their desires.

In this slogan also, there underlies something fundamentally American looking back from their independence struggles. As a people who had to fight ferociously against colonial rule of the Britons, they needed much perseverance and determination. That is why the slogan would invoke deep memories the Americans would want to forget at the earliest opportunity and surge forward, ant obstacles notwithstanding.

However, there lies a profoundly hazardous risk in subscribing to this line of philosophy. For sometimes when a course is so passionately pursued, the interests of others is least taken into account. As is pointed out in the essay, they continuously fancy other good opportunities and do not want to miss any shortest cuts to achieving that goal.

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