Christian Beliefs

Belief of Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus. The belief entail three core things that is common among all Christianity groups. They include a set of beliefs, a way of life and a community of people. There exist a number of Christianity groups all over the world with different emphasis on these three aspects. The common characteristic is that they all in one way or another involve all three. All three aspects and Christianity as whole are based on the life and teachings of Jesus. Christians believe in one God, a belief called ethical monotheism. These believe is shared by Judaism and Islam. Christians believe that it is God who created the universe and still takes an active part in controlling and guiding his people. They therefore believe that every person is committed to a number of definite moral rules or doctrines. These moral doctrines are the guiding principles for every Christian and going against them is regarded as a sin (Dockery, 1999).

The roles of Christians believe is significant in life of every believer. Christianity puts more weight on appropriate belief as opposed to many other religions. Somebody is regarded as a Christian after accepting the major Christian beliefs. Christianity is also an approach of life and a community. These are important aspects of Christianity. According to many Christians it is not right to apply the term Christian based merely on a person’s origin. The fact that someone has Christian parents and grew up as a Christian or just practices Christianity is not enough. To be deemed as a Christian, first one has to accept Jesus and his teachings about the Christian community. There are standards of belief in which the believers are expected to recognize the standards of their community (Howells, 1940).

The very contentious issues of Christianity and those that are insisted in manifestation of Christianity are predominantly beliefs about Jesus. Nevertheless, Jesus' teachings were principally based on the way the believers should live. These doctrines form the heart of Christian life for most Christian groups. They also define a way of life, one of the aspects of Christianity. It’s evident from the Apostles' Creed that Christians believe in God the father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Christians believe that Jesus played a role beyond an ordinary teacher. The actually believe he was God’s son and somehow embodying God. This belief is evident on his knowledge and events. Every account sees him acting a role ahead of that of a teacher. In the Gospels, he forgives people's sins and heals people’s sufferings. He states that He and the Father are one anybody who has seen him has seen the Father (Dockery, 1999).

Christians believe that Jesus' birth, existence, demise, and resurrection was prearranged by God to save the mankind. It is in fact based on chronological events. The historical events commenced with God dealing with Israelites and this forms a major part of Christian’s belief. One controversial belief that is basis of many pagans is the belief that Jesus was indeed the son of God. The disagreement is that Jesus was the result of a God having a child with a human woman. Many religions agree that God is spiritual does not have sexual desires and thus the belief is wrong. The controversy is however misplaced because the Bible states that the birth was miraculous and not based on physical engagement of God and the mother of Jesus. Christians believe in resurrection of Jesus. This gives them the conviction that he was not a human being.

After resurrection of Jesus, he gave his followers a helper in form of the Holy Spirit. This is the connection that links us with God. According to the teachings of Jesus, the inspiring force behind the Christian existence is love. Love for others is the basis of formation of the Christian community referred to as the Church. Christians in general believe in the immortality of the soul. They believe in the Day of Judgment when the souls would rise again and ascend to heaven (Havard, 2009).

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