Civilization Ends, Since Barbarians Erupt From It

Civilization and barbarism are two contradicting concepts that fall within a broad-spectrum continuum. This short statement by Karl Kraus draws out on two extremes of the grounds in an attempt to provide a provocative act of the world order one hundred years ago. Apparently, the deepest overtone from the statement enacts an approach to the real intent of civilization. The close reference to history as a major product in striking a balance between barbaric acts and civilized ends is apparent. In the contemporary world 2012, barbarian acts emerge from a combination of crude and savage activities in the quest for survival. Apparently, remote survival antics of historical eras define barbarism in a manner that is similar to the civilized actions of the 21st century. The contemporary society is full of submissive population that easily gives up in the event of a crisis. Karl Kraus’s statement draws immense relationship from the reign of Genghis khan of 1162 to 1227. This shrewd ruler created a union of neglected Mongols and converted them to conquerors. The period contained elements of peasantry duties and frequent strife for dominance. A divided community of nomadic activities acquired discipline under the organization of Khan. Getting a unified individual at this period is surprising. Presently, the society is dynamic, and often creates copycats, and a population that thrives in capitalism and daylight robbery. The aphorism covers a true eruption of polished actions in the light of barbaric pitfalls. Today, the society contains numerous elements of civilized deeds. Division in the society and the apparent dependence in societal extractions hinders meaningful unified actions similar to the Mongolian expansion through Asia. Contrastingly, the barbaric eruptions in the civilized arena create criminal disgraces and terror faces across the world. Seemingly, the statement flies through history to haunt the human race in terms of evil deeds and savage human acts. Barbarism is still looming in humanity of the 21st Century. The savage acts of terrorism and brutal gunshots in American society are parts of the truths to this fact. The difference lies in the number of years but the nature of actions.

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