Environmental History

According to Wikipedia.org "Environmental History is the study of human interaction with the natural world over time". In is an area of knowledge that presents the important role that our environment is playing in molding and shaping human beings through affecting their behaviors and ways of living.

Environmental History studies the relationship between humans and nature in history that is why understanding Environmental History is one way of rediscovering the past and determining its effect to our present and even to the future. Nature affects human behavior in general because nature is the place where human being dwells since the beginning of time and it is the place where they depend for their basic needs to survive that is why if we only focus more of our attention in analyzing nature's evolution, behavior, and aspects, somehow we can also gain evidences about the early human being's culture, attitudes, and even their behaviors which can become a huge breakthrough  and will serve as basis for explaining the actions and behaviors of  today's human being.

Hearing the different ideas lay down during the podcast, my initial thoughts with regards to Environmental History was improved and developed. The podcast brought a lot of innovations and new ideas and I really benefited from it. I realized that Environmental History is a very complex kind of science because it is related to any other sciences and since it is a young science, a lot of questions and clarifications are being presented with regards to its true purpose, content, ideas, and contribution to the world.

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