Historical Overview

Just like in the war back in the 1600’s, this present war is threatening to be extremely destructive. The war in Central Europe was mainly based on political and religious power. Each side wanted to assert their view on the rest of the region. As a result, many lives were lost in one of the longest wars recorded in the history.

There is a threat of such war reoccurring  in the near future. This time, the war will be focused on control of energy reserves in the world. In a way, it is likely to happen in Central Europe because it is focused on power. During the 17th century battle, some sides were bankrupted and forced out of the war. This will be reflected in the ensuing war, where some countries will be pushed aside, due to the lack of enough resources and strength to fight with the super powers.

Just like the blood was shed in the 17th century, there is bound to be some consequences in the new war. They may influence such crude resources as oil and natural gas in terms of their depletion.   It may drive global warming into further horizons and hence alter the way of our living on Earth. The cost of energy will also go up hence hurting those who cannot afford the energy. If cheaper sources of energy will not be availed, a significant percentage of the world population will suffer immensely.

Even with all these similarities, there are some differences between the wars. The 17th century war was between European countries. The new war will take place on a global scale and will have much more repercussions on the way of life for future generations.  It is also unlikely to have an amicable treaty to end the war. Unlike in the 17th century’s war, the new one will be ended by forces of nature, when all countries agree upon an amicable solution for energy production and sharing mechanisms.

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