History of Mexican American

In the late 1800’s during the world war the united state of America took over Mexico which is now part of the south west of America.  The war between the two countries had two causes; first the US wanted to extend its borders north to the Pacific Ocean. This brought conflicts between America and its neighboring countries; from the British in Canada and Oregon to the Mexicans who were in the southwest. After acquiring the territory in 1803, Americans started to migrating westward and settled. (White and Jenifer 1)

The Texas War of independence was the second cause of the Americans and Mexicans war. The united state of American had earlier offered to buy the Mexico, but the Mexican government had declined the offer. In 1984, the war ended after there was a creation of Treaty of Guadalupe, and areas like California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah were surrendered by the Mexican government to the united state of America.  The American and Mexico came to an agreement financial compensation was to be made to the Mexican government by the American government.  This led them to get the land that they wanted. According to the Americans, God granted them the land. After it had acquired the country, the United State of America started offering jobs opportunities to the Mexicans, and they were no longer seen as aliens. They paid wages for every service they provided, for examples they contributed to the construction of the railway line in America and employed in America’s industries. Availability of job opportunities in America makes the Mexicans to migrate in search of these opportunities. High population of Mexicans can be found in cities that are originally part of Mexico, these cities include; California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. After they moved to this states they started forming communities in southern California, San Francisco, California, Denver, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Phoenix and Arizona. (Mintz 39)

Population of Mexican American in USA        










New Mexico











Source: international labor Organization (ILO)

According to the international labor organization the Mexican American community in America in 2010 was 31,798,258. The table above shows the most populated states of American with Mexican American. The data show that California is the most densely populated country with Mexican Americans. Also, New Mexico and Arizona have high population of the Mexican American, in comparison to the other states in the United States of American. (White and Jenifer  171)

Employment and unemployment

Employment is the number of individuals who have jobs and are earning an income as remuneration from them. The employment population is the number of individuals who are unemployed, but they are willing to work.   In American, the highest rate of unemployment is in Michigan, Nevada and California. In these states, the number of Mexican American is higher. Therefore, it is sensible to say they are the most unemployed. In 1996, the overall unemployment rate in USA was 5.4; the unemployment rate for the Mexican was 9 percent while that of the Black American was 10.5 percent.

Mexican below the poverty level

According to the international labor force poverty level can be defined as the low level of income. This makes it difficult to obtain conducive standard of living   in any given country. Since there is a high population of unemployed and underemployed Mexican individuals, they are unable to sustain themselves with minimal need, thus leading to poverty. (Garcia 77) The USA government has used different measures to reduce the poverty among the Mexican, but it is still continuing since most of them lacked expertise and proper standards training for them permit to be employed legally. (Vargas 273) Poverty among the Mexican is extremely high, especially for the immigrants when compared to the natives. In 1999, the percentage of native Mexican living below the poverty line was 11.2 while the percentage of the immigrants living below the poverty level was 16.8. According to others sources the immigrants constitute the biggest percentage of persons living under the poverty line.  It also doubles the percentage of the native Mexicans living below the poverty level. (White and Jenifer 112)

Average size of family

Average size of the family refers to the average number of individuals that make a family for a given population. In 1989, estimates showed the average size of family of the Mexican America to be 4.1 persons as compared to 3.1 for non-Hispanic. According to census data obtained from the census bureau, the average number of children in a family in USA for the year 2006 was 2.59 persons while estimates indicated that of Mexican American to be 3.62 persons.

Jail population of Mexican American

Mexican Americans migrate to the USA in search of job opportunities. The jobs   require high eligibility for one to be employed due to this most of the American Mexicans end up lacking jobs to get them a salary.  Therefore, they turn to crime so as to sustain themselves financially. Most of them end up in jail due to this, and estimates show that Mexicans are 3.3 times likely to be in prison than the white. Estimates also indicate that they are likely to be in jail for either murder or felony drug crimes. According Federal Bureau of Prisons the Mexican people in prison with an average age of 39 in the year 2011 on October was 40,210. The population constituted 18 percent of the total inmates. (Acker and David 388)

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