Indian Americans

Indigenous peoples would also be referred to as the Red Indians. They are referred as such due to their traditional use of the red ochre. Through their traditional practices the names differed from one region to the next. The reason behind the referral of these Red Indians as the Indigenous Peoples is in the fact that they were the inhabitants of the North and South America during the pre-Columbian period. The use of the red Ochre was practiced in the New Foundland and its inhabitants who used it for traditional ceremonies.

Native-American is a term that was used by the Indigenous peoples in the referring of the African slaves who were shipped to America by the European colonialists from Africa. Besides the use of the terminologies, Europeans felt like they were the original owners of the lands and they termed any other person whom they brought in or found in those regions as the Native American. The pre-Columbian period had all settlers in America referred as Indigenous peoples. This was because they were the original peoples to have occupied America before the major historical changes took place. After the pre-Columbian period passed and the Europeans moved into American to bring civilization, the indigenous nature of the occupants was forcefully changed by the Europeans. This era was the birth of the Native Americans.

Red Indians, Indians, American Indians, and Amerindians are terms used to refer to the original inhabitants of North and South America. The reason as to why the same lot of people was referred with so many terms is because of the historical trends and events. During the voyages of Christopher Columbus, direction was highly compromised by a number of factors. The compasses that were used and the tools of distance estimation were not calibrated to a certain standard. With the tools playing a great deal in the voyages, Christopher Columbus was stranded at sea while seeking Asia. The Land that he encountered on his legacy of being stranded was South America. He thought that he had arrived at the Indies. The controversy of the terminologies used primarily started at this point. It is through this mistake by Christopher that led to the writing of the history by terminologies such as Indian Americans, Indians, Red Indians, and Amerindians.

The above terminologies and the specific people they were referring had everything to do with the tribal and cultural ancestry of the peoples. Citizenship also mattered in that North America was believed to host more Indigenous peoples than the South. The Indian Americans on the other hand, are classified according to the specific geographical areas they inhabited. It is through their citizenship and thetraditional archeological evidence that fits them within the use of the terminologies used.

Native Americans are the Indigenous peoples that inhabited North America. With the boundaries of todays United States, the island state of Hawaii, and parts of AlaskaNative Americans are referred to as Indigenous peoples in these areas. The degree of controversy amongst the use of the terms used to refer the original inhabitants of North and South America was extended by the European colonialists. The presence of the Europeans on American land confused things by their controversial definition of theterm Native American. With this, the referral of the Indigenous peoples of the North America as Native Americans was compromised. History books use either of the terms to refer to the same group of peoples.

Originality of the terms may not be verified by relying on history materials. Many of these groups of people used oral literature to tell history. It is through thorough ethnographical research that these controversies will be abolished. My opinion on the most appropriate term to use for the original inhabitants of North and South America is Indigenous people. My reason for choosing Indigenous Peoples is because they were referred as such before the pre-Columbian period.

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