John Jefferson

The following easy will give a complete history of John Wayles Jefferson and all his contributions. The essay has been divided into the sections ranging from his early life with his family and finally ending with his career. More attention has been given to career for trying to capture his contributions to the society (Whitehead).

Jefferson’s Biography

John was born in 1835 as a son of Eston Hemings, a slave born in the 1808 in Monticello. Sally Hemings was John’s mother. John was Sally’s last child. All of Sally’s children had different races. However, it is believed that Thomas Jefferson was the father of all Sally’s children. Sally’s children are also believed to have the seven eighth probability of having a European origin even though they had been all from mixed races. Although Sally’s children were slaves as a result of their mother’s slave status, the law in Virginia recognized them to be lawfully white.

A DNA study done in 1998 at one descendant of Eston’s origin found out that both Jefferson’s and his descendants DNA matched. The results of the DNA test have confirmed that the members of Eston’s family were actually the true descendants of Thomas Jefferson. This discovery as well as a great volume of the historical evidence has forced a lot of historians to agree that there had been a true connection between Jefferson’s family with Eston’s family. The discovery has disapproved the traditional belief held in Jefferson family that Carr family being Jefferson’s relatives were the fathers of Sally’s children.

A will written by Jefferson freed both Madison Hemings and Eston immediately after Jefferson’s death in the year 1826. Eston was actually released as a slave before the required age of 21. Eston purchased the property in the year 1830 at the place called Charlottesville. Soon after, Eston and his brother Madison built a house where they lived with their mother Sally until she died in 1835.

Eston Hemings lived in the years 1808 and 1856 and was the smallest kid in Sally Hemings’ family. His freedom to rule was granted to him by his father through his will (Mihalkanin 11). Thomas Jefferson lived between the years 1743 and 1826. Heming trained for the profession of a wood maker and worked in this profession for several years (Wise and John 26). While working at this place, Eston got into the affair with a lady called Julia Ann Isaac in 1832; and in 1837, they relocated to Chillicothe, Ohio. During their stay at Chillicothe, Ohio, Heming changed his career and trained as a professional player of violin and as well became a leader of the band. Through his proffesion, Heming was able to earn his family a good living. Heming and his family decided to move to Madison, Ohio, in 1852.They decided to change the surname of Hemings to the new surname Jefferson to be able to penetrate and live harmonically in the white society. The family of Heming was blessed with three kids: Anne Wayles Jefferson (1836-1866) , Bevery Frederick Jefferson (1838-1908), and John Wayles Jefferson (1835-1892)(Mihalkanin 43).


Now, John Wayles Jefferson’s life will be analyzed. He enrolled in the united military in 1861. At this time, John was only 26 years old. This united military was based in Madison, Wisconsin. Immediately after joining, the leaders were able to note his potential, and he was given a position to command the 8th infantry at the united military base during the Civil War that took place in America at that time (Mihalkanin 24). Through his determination, he was able to rise through the hierarchy to the top most positions. For instance, on 28 September1961 he was made a major, and on 23 April 1963 he became the lieutenant colonel. Later, during the following year, he was made a colonel on 16 June 1964. John Wayles played a significant role during the battle of the US Civil War (Wise and John 26). During this war, Jefferson was seriously wounded at the Corinth and Vicksburg. During his period as a commander, it was very hard for his troop to note or suspect his African heritage because of his white ancestry and appearance. Thus, John was dismissed from the military service on 11 October 1864 just after working for four years. His brother, Beverly Jefferson, had also started the united military service on 17 May 1861 for the contract of the period of three months. John was, thereafter, dismissed from the white military on 21 August 1861 (Wise and John 26).

Post War Career.

After his dismissal from the military as the colonel, John W. Jefferson embarked more on his activity as the newspaper correspondent. This work of writing articles engaged him even when he was in the military service and, therefore, he found a lot of ease going ahead with it. He wrote and published the articles about his experience (Mihalkanin 17). John later decided to move to Memphis, Tennessee. There, he started a business of buying and selling cotton and became a very prominent business person in the area. He established his own company under the name Continental Cotton company dealing with the same business of buying and selling cotton. Before joining the military service at Madison, John and his brother had successfully owned and managed the American House hotel in the city of Madison. Beverly, John’s brother, was the manager of the hotel. The two ones also opened another hotel in Rasdall house in Madison. Beverly later left the hotel in 1871 and started to manage a baggage express line and an omnibus that he founded in the year of 1869. John’s life can be said to have gone through various challenges and successes. His life was full of ups and downs, and John remained determined. On 12 June 1892, John died and was buried at his family’s plot at the cemetery located in Forest Hill. John never married during his lifetime but he left a large estate to his family after his death.

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