The White House released a report on the state of terrorism in August 2011. The report indicated that various groups, made up of individuals and violent extremists have always existed throughout the world’s history to commit violence, as instigated by their beliefs and ideologies. These groups perpetuate violence in order to either promote their political selfish ambitions or to justify their killings of the innocent people (White House).

The Neo-Nazism is one such group that has been regarded as a terrorist movement. Its background and origin is traced back to 1933, when William Dudley Pelley, a self-declared white supremacist and a die-hard supporter of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi ideology. He founded and funded the group in North Carolina, when Hitler rose to power in Germany.

Neo-Nazi group is guided by the principles and philosophies of Adolf Hitler’s Germany. The group is also known as the White Aryan Resistance (Centre for Grassroots Oversight). 

The Neo-Nazi groups, just like their counterparts in Ku Klux Klan, Skinheads and the National Alliance, are inspired by the spirit of hate and racism. They hate other minority groups, such as the Hispanic and the Jewish people. Their goal targets are to achieve full monopoly and government ownership of production, a greater sense of national pride, deny other groups their full rights and advocate for full rights for very few selected people. The COT institute of Safety points out that such terrorism-oriented groups that are out to fight other races are driven by ignorance, fear and their powerlessness of certain issues. The Nazis feared the Jewish foreigners and other immigrants, who were viewed as competitors for the existing few resources such as land and employment opportunities. This developed economic insecurity, manifested through their constant pessimistic activities, frustrations and hopelessness (COT Institute of Safety).

The group has specialized in seeking the media’s attention through conducting frequent protests that have caused tension in specific areas, where they operate. During such protest and rallies, the group members are encouraged to wear the Nazi uniforms. In fact the terrorist group has advanced a notch higher and created its rock music that is used to spread the message of hate and racial discrimination. Pierre, in his digital journal records that, ‘...the group strongly believes that only Heterosexual “pure-blood whites” should be allowed U.S. citizenship and that all nonwhites should be deported, regardless of legal status’’ (Waithe).

In December 2005, the Neo-Nazi Group made a major racism announcement against the black and African American in Ohio and Toledo states that provoked street riots. These resulted into collateral damage that was approximated at about $336000 and a curfew imposition from the police. An outstanding factor was how the group evaded the accusations and were left scot free. This is a common characteristic of the Neo-Nazism across the divide. The group is famous for provoking riots that leads to fights and street protest among the minority target groups. Reports have also indicated that the group has since its formation, shifted its headquarters to Detroit and has an increasing database of members across 35 states (Waithe).

The operations of the Neo-Nazism have always been in the limelight. In fact, leading global newspapers, such as the Guardian, has published stories in the recent years of a few attacks and killings done by followers of this group. The terrorist group has also advanced its ways of operation with the development of technology. COT Institute of safety observed that such extremist hate groups are utilizing the internet to reach the target communities through posting hate speech and warnings of their possible attacks. New members are also recruited via online means.

Despite such initiatives, the same institute of safety notes that there has been a decline in the existence of terrorist groups such as the Neo-Nazism, due to massive efforts of the governments to suppress their existence. It states, ‘It appears that terrorist groups are declining. Yet, right wing violence and thoughts remain popular. Strong leadership is one of the feeding factors of that resilience. However, if that strong leadership is removed or replaced the groups become vulnerable and can more easily be eliminated or diminished. The current trend in that leadership may explain the decline in number of terrorist actions’’ (p.24). Bearing this statement in mind, Neo-Nazism, despite having maintained their presence and group activities, has not expanded to cause severe damage and attacks, as it did in the past. Today, their leaders are keen to maintain their affairs as highly confidential by operating almost underground for fear of being arrested by governments.

Even with such possibilities of  the group’s activities having declined,  the United States analyst who are in charge of tracking possible militia attack have consistently warned that the existence of Neo-Nazism racial hate group should not be downplayed because they still pose dangers to the population. They have in fact likened their potential threats and terrorism acts to those of other global dangerous groups like Al-Qaida.

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