Patterns of World History


I find it easier to identify with Gavrilo Pricip who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on their visit to Bosnia. It is this assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne, commandeered by Gavrilo, which sparked World War 1.

In my opinion, the issuance of an ultimatum by the Austria-Hungarian government to declare war within 48 hours if the Serbian government did not initiate investigations into the murder could have been avoided.

The laxity with which the Serbian government handled this diplomatic impasse hinted at her acting as an accomplice. The writing on the wall was clear that the Serbian government was in cahoots with Gavrilo, a thought that could have been prevented in case they had prosecuted the said culprit.


The Argentinean Jose San-Martin would have been a friend. Based on the statement that “a good friend is someone who…helps you to attain your goals”, San-Martin is the real deal since he went an extra mile to help revolutionaries in other nations to fight for their independence.

Most likely he embarked on this journey because his contemporaries in the other nations shared a common goal with him, to attain independence. He was never satisfied with attaining national independence but also embraced a global school of thought where he sought to help other nations in their quest. In Chile for instance, he assisted Bernardo O’Higgins to fight the battles of Chacabuco (October, 1817) and Maipu (April, 1818).

Further, he helped Bolivar to fight the battle of Ayacucho and to win other victories. All this shows the selfless attribute he possesses which as his friend will be crucial in helping me in pursuit of goals that we share in common.


The Russian Vladimir Lenin would clinch an American presidency in 2012. He is the likely candidate to steal the hearts of the American electorate since he did not support Russia’s involvement in international wars like World War 1 which he thought was a capitalist war.

America’s has been involved in wars that have drained her economy and lead to loss of many lives. Majority in America endorse an end to this needless battle and would go for a leader who can resonate with those sentiments.

Further, the social rift that exists in America between the haves and the have-nots is a cause for concern for many an American. Most of the Americans are proponents of democracy which they uphold as among their values as a nation. Therefore, Lenin, a social democrat, would be a perfect president of the U.S since he embodies those American aspirations.


The advent of the electric motor is a significant event since it was pioneered by an individual springing from a humble background – Michael Faraday. For the record, Faraday had little if any formal education and, therefore, had to struggle on his own in order to quench his thirst for scientific knowledge.

He achieved this through attending lectures and carrying out his own studies. Moreover, he conducted experiments in the field of magnetism and electricity and could look for credit to finance his own work due to the fact that he did not fit among the top brass scientists. Notwithstanding all these bottlenecks, Faraday accomplished a lot and found space for his name within history books.

This indeed is a remarkable event in history proving that with passion and determination much can be achieved to the benefit of the majority. It goes a long way to show that throwing in the towel is not an option in pursuit of goals amidst challenges.


The war to end all wars - World War 1 - is a regrettable occurrence that should never happen again. The innumerable butchering of human beings during this period can never be justified by a mere quest for nationalism. World War 1 was aggravated by wrong kinds of innovation such as weapons ranging from tanks, submarines and poisonous gasses.

I would not like this situation to recur as many people lost their loved ones during the combat. It is the death of their own friends that further caused bitterness which fostered more war. It was thought that this war would end all wars but it was never so since civil wars and then World War 2 struck again.

Any kind of national war is never in the interests of the majority but is an avenue through which few individuals seek to advance personal vendetta in the name of patriotism. In the event, such minority seeks the help of the poor majority thus using them to promote vested interests.


The evolutionary school of thought sold by Charles Darwin had a tremendous impact on the belief in God. His theories especially the one that posits a gradual evolution of human beings and animals from simple life forms to complex ones seem to bring in to question the belief in creation.

Darwin’s work with plants and animals as far as their observable characteristic (phenotypes) is concerned is, however, commendable. On the other hand, the area of his work that has been bashed due to the many loopholes that are evident is the idea about the gradual change from apes to human species.

Darwinism has impacted on religion by fuelling atheism. Many who have embraced the evolutionary theories have more often than not questioned belief in a creator and have as result engaged in inhumane activities without the thought of being accountable to supernatural being.

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