Presidential Reconstruction

The period of Presidential Reconstruction in the U.S. history was the time when U.S. President Johnson excessively used his authority and power in dictating states development. His major focus was in constructing policies that would discriminate other Americans of different colors. Through his constitutional mandate, he believed to have the authority to enforce government structure and policy framework in various states. The time of President Reconstruction was characterized by the intense use of African Americans and the President excessively exercised his mandate in enhancing these inhumane practices. The write up explains how the Presidential Reconstruction worked.

Presidential Reconstruction

Right from the assassination of President Lincoln, President Johnson embarked on policy reconstruction that would enable the Southerners who widely practiced slavery to join the American Union. He devised and quickly implemented his plans term as the Presidential Reconstruction that would enable him to restore the Southerners who were widely believed to have left the American Union. In doing so, he started pardoning the former Confederate officers. Even though, this tended to restore the political rights of the southerners, Johnson’s Presidential Reconstruction envisaged the racist framework that undermined the principles of the Freedmen’s Bureau. He also appointed governors who not only supervised but also spearheaded the drafting of the Southern new state constitutions. Additionally, Johnson ensured the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment in the American Constitution that advocated against slavery. This in turn led to the enactment of the black codes which promoted the white supremacy, thereby enhancing slavery.

The Black Code primarily disallowed African Americans participation in voting, land leasing, and firearms carriage. However, the code brought out the recognition of the black marriages and also promoted their involvement in the judicial process through testifying in black related cases. The blacks even owned some properties.


It is evident from the write up that the political figures should effectively use their powers not to encourage discrimination of particular group of people in the country. Moreover, there is a need for the country’s top leaders to implement effective policies that address the important issues and problems affecting the country. 

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