Sociology and History

History is the sequential records of the past occurrence or the rebuilding of the man’s past. It is normally a compilation of the experiences of the mankind over the years. History records man’s lifetime achievements from the past to the present. On the contrary, sociology is the science of society. It is normally concerned with the present life, social phenomena and social process. It analyzes human interactions and the interrelations with all their diversity and complexity. Sociology is more concerned with contemporary events while history is usually more engrossed to the study of past events. In addition, sociology deals with an abstract idea of human experiences while the history is a concrete science (Burke 56).

History and sociology are closely interrelated. This is because the study of history cannot be expressive without an in-depth appreciation of the sociological importance. Both disciplines seek to establish the order in which events occurs in the past. In addition, historians and sociologists are usually more concerned with the link between the occurrences of events at a particular time plane (Burke 87).

The differential approach used by history and sociology puts us in a better position to understand the ever changing world. Sociology helps to know the different ways how humans can reunite with and shape their beliefs. It boosts an individual understand where he has come from and where he is going. Additionally, sociology helps one to understand fundamental aspects of the world that we live. As such, it promotes people to figure out where they stand for in relation to issues like economics, religion and cultural issues. The approach used by history also alleviates people understand their past, present and how the future is likely to be. Whether it is written, oral or archeological, history broadens an individual’s mental ability to comprehend the world (Werner and Boskoff 67).

The difference between the approaches offered by the multiple disciplines is not distinct. History uses an approach that deals with real or actual phenomena that have taken place. On the other hand, sociology concerns with cognitive abilities of humans to embrace history. The result is that these sciences help us to understand the revolutionary zeal (Werner and Boskoff 86).

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