Statue of King Djoser in the Cairo Museum

Ancient Egypt is known not only for it pyramids but also the culture and the iconic pharaohs that ruled during these times. Ancient civilization in Egypt started along the river banks of river nile and was a larger part of interwoven civilization that covered neighboring Ethiopia and Somalia. Ancient Egypt came to its peak during the reign of King Djoser, who oversaw the construction of large pyramids across the kingdom. As a great ruler, he left lots of developments which are still showcased by the enormous pyramids that can be seen today all over Egypt. It is due to his great work that a great statue was built

The statue of King Djoser that is found in the Cairo Museum represents a famous pharaoh of the ancient Egypt. It depicts King Djoser as he seats on his throne. The statue was coated and painted with some white plaster and has inlaid eyes. The statue of Djoser has a height of 144 cm, length of 95.5 cm and a width of 45.3 cm. He was both apolitical and a religious ruler in Egypt. Djoser was also referred to as Netjerikhet, meaning body of the gods.

Djoser was a ruler during the Third Egyptian Dynasty had succeeded King Sanakhte who ruled Egypt in 2686- 2668 BC. Djoser ruled Egypt from 2668 BC- 2540 BC. King Djoser was a successful military commander who led successful wars against the people of Sinai Peninsula. He was also able to develop the wealth of Egypt by introducing the mining of precious metals and gems such as Turquoise.  The man who was involved in the construction of the Step Pyramid of King Djoser at Saqqara was called Imhotep and was commissioned by Djoser to build the pyramid. Imhotep was referred to as the Son of Ptah or Lord of all Builders. The signature of Imhotep is inscribed at the base of King Djoser Statue.

The Statue of Djoser is one of the oldest life-sized statues in Egypt. It was found during Antiquities excavations in 1925. This statue is made of limestone and some blue- green plaques. It is the archeological evidence of Djoser reflects the Egyptian Kingship of the third dynasty. Djoser is considered one of the most renowned Kings in the Egyptian history.

King Djoser was considered to be the most famous king of the third dynasty. He was the Pharaoh of the Step Pyramid at Saqqara which was constructed by one of his officials, Imhotep. It was entirely built of stone. It was under this king that the royal capital of the republic was relocated to Memphis where he established his own court it was at this time tha a new building era came into place at saqqara. One of the most notable architects of this time was a man known as Imhotep who is highly praised with the development of building with stone, through the step pyramid model. The old kingdom is actually known for many pyramids that were built during the reign of this king and were to serve as pharaonic burial sites. This is why the old kingdom is known as the age of the pyramids. We can therefore conclude that King Djoser was one of the great rulers of ancient Egypt whose legacy has remained to the present date.

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