The Armenian Genocide

Genocide generally  involves the intent to destroy in whole or in partt, of a religious, ethnic, national , or racial group of persons This may be through killing, causing serious bodily or mental harm to its members, deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. In April 1915, the Ottoman Empire deliberately began a systematic destruction of the civil population of Armenians living within it.This is what came to be reffered to as the Armenian genocide. This genoside consisted of both whole sale massacres and deportations.   The depotations where ussually planed in a simmilar manner to resetlements, but the deportees were ussually made to walk over very long distances to their destinations and to undergo such hardships and abuses like rape among other sexual abuses,that they eventually would die.the massacres that were taking place did not discriminate ones age or gender. This genoside continued all the way untill the year 1925 when the empire collapsed and as such  over   one  million  Armenian lost there lives. This made many armanians moved abroad  to other countries to avoid loosing there lives.

The Armenian Genocide greatly influenced the Nazi Holocaust, In that it was the first modern genocide to take place between the years of 1914 and 1917 and also because it took place during and after the First World War in turkey, which happened to be an ally of Germany. As a result of this friendship there were Germans troops and military advisers in turkey. This showed that Germany knew that there as a genocide. The chief perpetrator of the Nazi holocaust Hitler was quoted as saying that the clearing and slaughter of the Jews will be soon forgotten just like the Armenian massacre. The Armenian genocide also had a number of similarities and differences to the Nazi holocaust

  The two are similar in that in both there was the involvement of secret police; in the case of the Armenian genocide being the ottoman secret police and the Gestapo in the case of the Nazi holocaust. Another notable similarity was the terrible conditions in the concentration camps that the prisoners faced in both of them. Finally there was mass murder involved in both cases. Though this similarities show how similar the two events are they also had there own unique differences.  

The major differences were that in the holocaust the Jews did not fight back to the Nazis on the other hand the Armenians were responsible for the murders of many Muslims. Also in the case of the holocaust the Jews were hated even before the Nazi regime but this was not the case between the Armenians and the Turks. Finally the extent of murder that took place between the two was though large also very different. In the holocaust it is believed that more that six million people lost their lives while in the Armenian genocide only over a million.

The Armenian genocide has become in itself a major political issue in that the current United States administration led by president obama has shown hesitation on the promised presidential declaration stating that the Armenians were victims of genocide during the early twentieth century. The descendants of the victims of this genocide are pushing for this yet the administration fears alienating turkey yet it needs its help on Afghanistan Iraq Iran among other security issues. Turkey has warned that it would stop assisting the United States if they make the declaration.

Although the Armenian genocide took place and led to the loss of many lives, it cannot be compared to the holocaust due to its magnitude. Also not every body recognizes these killings as genocide; as such it has caused many political issues in the United States.  

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