The Economic Condition of Spain in the Sixteenth Century

To begin with, Spain became the most powerful country in both America and Europe as a result of conquering many states and putting them under their custody. In addition to this, Spain also enslaved the Native Americans who worked in the country and paying tax towards the development of its economy. Apart from this, the monarchy in Spain also supported the Catholics in their religion who later backed the government in its fights against France which gave Spain a great of victory. Additionally, the Spanish were also experts in exploration of resources and empire expansion. However, Spain became so powerful because they captured the idea that they had a right to create colonies and expand their territory after the division of the globe into two hemispheres (Bernard, 2009).

Basically, Spain transformed America economically by getting access of gold, silver and sugar which were later traded. Similarly, America was also transformed by Spain religious views since it adopted Christianity and not Islamic. The puritan “city upon a hill” is a sermon by John Winthrop which basically describes a Christian model of assistance. However, this model described a new people who desired to create a conducive environment to live where they could worship and use the Bible as the source of legal authority. To realize the vision of the “city upon the hill” in New England the puritans had came up with ways that would make the vision come to pass. Notably, the puritans had to look for theological ideas which contrast with the task God laid upon Israel.

In fact, they faked the Israel’s migration with God so as to justify their going into a new and unknown land which they believed belongs to them prophetically. Needless to say, the new ways brought up by the Puritans so as to accomplish the vision brought a lot of tension in the church community especially between the puritans and the Anglicans who really borrowed so much from the Catholics. Nonetheless, the puritans opted to continue worshiping together in the Anglican Church as they worked out its purity from within. Nevertheless, as time went by in the new environment the puritans adopted the lifestyle of the Pilgrims who really influenced them till they separated from the Church of England. Puritans are a people who believed in hard work as a religious responsibility. For this reason, Americans adopted that virtue of hard work which basically depended on self-discipline and evaluation (Boyer, 2009).

 Additionally, puritans were responsible for the growth of Christianity in America. So to speak, these influences of puritans on America are still manifested today whereby Americans still believe in hard work as well as upholding Christianity. In the evolution of American thought, the thirteen colonies joined forces in North America in order to come up with tactics of opposing the British Empire.

Actually, they dismissed the power of the Great Britain parliament to rule them without their own representation and they did away with all noble officials. After establishing provincial congress, the Americans got determined to fight for their independence through the American revolutionary war (Plumb & Lancaster, 2001). It is through this revolution that the British were forced to declare America independent. In reality, the declaration of independence was inevitable because the America had already established their authority in the provinces and the opposition toward the British was so strong and could not be evaded.

 In the same line of thought, declaration of independence came as a result of the American revolt which was fought by the thirteen American colonies. The purpose of the declaration was to state officially that the Great Britain and America were two independent territories. However, it was a formal way of explaining the reason as to why congress voted in order to declare America a free state. This document became part of the American creed because it did not only announce the independence of America but it also defined its rights as a state (Sunstein, 2003).

Principally, the colonies broke the decisive shift between them due to the differences in the ways of governance and how to handle Britain after independence. Following this, it can therefore be said that one disadvantage of independence in America is that it gave rise to political war while the advantage of pre-independence is that people reasoned in unity. Finally, in the historical context the statement “all men are equal” meant that the law is meant to treat all people equally despite their race. However, this meaning was changed later due to the Americans desire to continue enslaving the black Americans however much the law does not support. 

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