The Indian National Congress

National parties are the parties that participate in various elections held in any country. The Indian National Congress (INC) is the oldest party in India. It was founded in 1885 as a pro-British Indian organization, which later became the vice of India in its struggle for independence and freedom. The British government handed over the administration of the British government to the leaders of INC after their independence.

By the 19th century, colonialism had brought a lot of changes to the lives of the Indian community. These changes encouraged and led them into forming these parties to fight for their independence, for equality and social justice. The INC association fought for and campaigned for independence as well as other broader concerns. They participated in key political struggles such as votes for women, healthcare, inequality and discrimination.

After the World War 1, a new phase of anticolonial struggle emerged. By this time, the party was being led by Gandhi, who rallied campaigns, and transformed the freedom campaign into a mass movement.


Civil rights refer to a group of rights and freedoms that try to defend folks from unwarranted interference by the government and private institutions. They also make certain that persons take part in the civic and political life without repression or discrimination. Over the years, United States has struggled fighting racial discriminations, but it is now evident that racial tolerance is becoming a trend in the United States. The fact that the president of United States is African-American is a clear indication that the American society has accepted cultural diversification in America. By this, it is clear that 40 years down the line, America will have a new generation that believes in equal rights for all people irrespective of their skin colour.

This movement was existent in America during the time of slavery, and racial discrimination, from the year 1955-1968. This movement was founded for this very reason; to solve America’s obstinate racial problems. This was a biblically based movement of great social and political consequences for the United Sates. Black Christian leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Wyatt T. Walker, and their white allies joined together to challenge and put to an end the issue of racial segregation. They sought to address old generation injustices to them by employing methods of non violent resistance, which emulated the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ as they believed. 

America was founded on the beliefs of humanities inalienable rights to life. The white Americans, however, believed that the black were slaves. The American civil rights movement put a decade of struggle for independence from slavery and racism.


These two countries, America and India, were sailing in the same boat. They were in eras when both nations faced tremendous social and political crisis. At the time, when INC was being founded, India was under a colony, Great Britain. They were facing social injustices, such as discrimination and inequality, where women were not treated with fairness. America was at an era when there was a lot of slavery and racial discrimination. It is under such circumstances that associations and movements are founded, to fight for the citizens rights and to claim their independence.

India’s congress was a more political party than it was a party for social independence. They fought for their political independence from the British colonialists. The American civil rights movement’s main agenda was social. Their main purpose and the drive was to challenge racial discrimination and segregation.

One significant similarity with both movements was the strategy or the mode of protesting. Martin Luther King Jr. emphasized on non violent resistance, as this according to his religious beliefs, was how Jesus Christ conducted his life on earth. Gandhi also preached Satyagraha, a movement of non violent civil disobedience, which he used, as a tool against the British in his bid for independence. The both achieved their goals after a long time.

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