The Progressive Party, the Big Business, and Big Government

During the progressive era, the united state experienced social activism as well as reforms, which flourished between the 1890s and 1920s. The major goal of the progressive movement was make the big government pure by eliminating the corruption through undercutting bosses and political machines as well as exposing the corruption related activities. It supported prohibition aimed at destroying the saloons of political power among the local bosses. They as well promoted the eligibility of women voting. Secondly, they intend to achieve efficiency in numerous sectors of economy and social developments by refurbishing the old ways of ding things and putting emphasis on medical, science and engineering solutions. It transformed and professionalized as well as made social sciences (particularly political sciences, history, and economics) to be like in the days of amateur. The movement initially operated mainly at the local levels but later expanded to national levels thus gaining support from the local middle class. It mainly supported scientific approach on issues like economics, industries, governance, schooling, finance, medicine, education, and theology as well as family matters. With the disregard to the old ways of doing things, they adopted new policies (the banking law, which in 1914 became the Federal Reserve System).

The progressive party mainly focused on attaining the efficiency in all social areas, waste elimination through purification as well as corruption eradication. It member Samuel Gomper saw industrial monopolies as “unnatural economic institution... which suppress completion… needs progress and improvement.” The big businesses’ monopolies (trust bust) were unconstitutional but the big government did not intervene. The progressive party forces these vices against the public by organizing professional trainings to the public through the welfares and charity work. Generally, the Hamiltonian concept of governance was the driving force behind the progressives’ positive governance concept both locally and abroad. With their little but contemptible strict constitution for the constitution, the conservative judges’ restricted powers restricted of the national government of acting against the social evils. This was received as the democracy blessings to the belittled land among other achievements.

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