The Trojan War

History is indeed full of many stories that reflect on the genesis of many events. Indeed these stories have shaped the events and political divides that are in the world. The wars that history has witnessed have played a prominent role too. The Trojan War is one of the greatest historic events recorded in the twelfth century.

Discuss the Trojan War, including a description of the 2 opposing armies,

The Trojan War began when a conflict arose at between Paris and Menelaus. Paris had gone to Menelaus pretending to be on a friendly visit. He was welcomed well and given a royal welcome. However, his intentions were yet to be known when he left with the wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta. She was the most beautiful woman who had many men interested in her. Paris and Helen then moved to Troy where they married and stayed (Thomas & Conant 2007).

When Menelaus found out about the kidnapping of Helen, he was furious and sought a plan to find Paris. After a long wait, the king demanded his wife, but Paris was reluctant to respond. This led to the plans for war. Menelaus sought out Helen’s suitors, Agamemnon and Achaean Kings. He requested them for their support to find his wife (Thomas & Conant 2007). This is how the Greek army was made.  The suitors turned out well to support Menelaus. They gave their weapons and ships that would transport the armies to attack Troy.

However, it was hard for the Greeks to get into Troy. Troy had exceptionally tall and thick walls built all around it. The gates had soldiers guarding every time. It was difficult for the Greeks to enter Troy and fight. The war went on for nine years. On the tenth year, the exhausted soldiers and planned to return home. An idea arose to make a wooden horse. Soldiers would be put in the horse. This horse was then given to the Trojans as a present and a sign to give up the fight.

 The Trojans received the horse, took it into the city. They kept it as a sign to remember the war. At midnight, while the Trojans were drunk, the Greek soldiers got out of the horse. They opened the gates for the Greeks soldiers who burnt the city down and conquered. Menelaus almost killed his wife. He spared her because of her beauty and returned with her to Sparta (Thomas & Conant 2007). The war ends when the kings and princes of Trojan return to Troy to rebuild their city. The Trojan War is dated between the eleventh and twelfth century. The existence of the city of Troy is said to have been during the late Bronze Age. Archeologists have dated the Trojan War to be between 1194-1184 B.C. According to (Korfmann 2004) the city of Troy was destroyed in 1180 B.C. They fought the battles at the sea shore in Dardanelles. The war took place on the sea shore where the Greeks landed from their ships. This is the present day Italy. 

Was there a Trojan War?  What information is there to support that idea?  What information raises doubt that this event ever happened?

It is difficult to picture the stories that are recorded in history. Most of the events of history happened many years ago. Although historians have done their best to paint the picture, it is still not easy for an individual to imagine some of the events that happened in the last century. In the case of the Trojan War, many historians have tried to gather evidence to back up the story of the Trojan War.

According to Wood, the city of Troy had strong walls. After the war, the city was left in ruins. The Greek armies made sure that they had destroyed everything. Hence, the mass of burnt debris was in heaps. Wood describes the walls of Troy as exceptionally high. It is said that tourist who visit this region walk on the walls as they discover the fallen city (Wood 1998). Apart from the presence of the ancient wall of Troy, excavations have also been done on the debris in the ruins. Most of the excavations were as old as the eleventh century. They found clay stone tablets used as scripts by the Trojans.

More evidence that points to the existence of the Trojan War is by Manfred Korfmann. In his review, he highlights that the excavations done on the site had skeletons. The skeletons are believed to be of the inhabitants of Troy. More evidence is the sling bullets which were found buried in the debris. The bullets are suggested to have been used in the fight during the Trojan War in the late Bronze Age.

Joachim Latacz has also studied the works of poetry written in times of the Trojan War.  The poems by Homer had words and names used which were not there in the eighth century. The poems are believed to have been written many years after the Trojan War. However, the names found in the poetry work were not used at this time. This leaves evidence that the writing was done long before it was discovered (Latacz 2004). On the other hand, Thompson writes that Homers writing indicated that the Trojan War was not real. This writing described the events of Troy as mere stories. He presents the fights between two contestants as drama. The angry party in the fight is the angry god or goddess. This refutes the previous evidence of the existence of the Trojan War (Thompson 2004).

Describe one of the battles, including strategy. Which side had a better Navy and fleet of Ships? Did the use of Navy speed increase, or slow the war?

The Trojan War can be described as a series of war that lasted for ten years. This was a fight between the Greeks and Trojans, where the Greeks went to get the wife of King Menelaus. She has been abducted by Paris who took her to Troy and married her. However, the search for their culprit was not easy. This is because they took much time to locate Paris in Troy.

During their search, the Greek army went by sea. They had their soldiers in one thousand ships. While on the way history records that storms hit their ships. The storms drifted the ships away from each other, and they lost track. Hence, while on the way they had to stop and locate each other’s ship before proceeding. It is said that this was the effort made by the gods. This is one of the events that slowed down the war.

Later, a dispute arose between Agamemnon and Achilles. The conflict arose when Agamemnon took Achilles concubines. This conflict caused Achilles to quit the Army. Patroclus died when he had disguised himself with Achilles clothes. This made Achilles return to the army more enraged than before. As a result, the war got fiercer with Achilles leading the Greeks. In the tenth year, the war got more severe. Paris killed Achilles by shooting a poisonous arrow in one of the last battles of the Trojan War.  The arrow hit his heel.

What was the final conclusion of the Trojan War?

The Trojan War lasted for ten years. In these ten years, the Greeks had sailed in their ships looking for Troy.  In the tenth year, the Greeks managed to fight against the Trojans. They fought the war and burnt Troy to ruins. The war does not end when Troy burnt to ashes. According to the writers of history, the war ends when the kings who had fought in the war returned to their Kingdoms. Most of the kings faced trouble on their sail back to their kingdoms. Only five of the ships managed to reach their homes. It is recorded that they faced storms in the sea due to their misconduct in Troy.

King Menelaus managed to reach back to his kingdom. However, on his way back, he was hit by storms. At this time, he met with one of the gods to whom he made sacrifices for a safe journey. King Menelaus got home with his wife, Helen. Agamemnon reached home with a wife he had taken from Troy. His wife was not happy. She was angrier of the fact that he had sacrificed Iphigenia. The king is later killed by Clytemnestra and Aegisthus. Odysseus made his way back to the kingdom. He disguised himself on his way home that he was a beggar. This plan was discovered by his dog. He found out that his wife had been waiting for him all the while. The people who survived the war in Troy were left scattered around the city. They could not go back to the city because; it was all broken and burnt. They ended up in Alba Longa where they settled. This is what later became new Rome. This is where the civilization of Rome began.


The Trojan War is one of the events which have stuck the headlines of history. This is because there has not been enough evidence on the existence of the Trojan War.  In addition, the event is said to have happened many years ago. Hence, there has not been any report or official writing that can be used as concrete evidence to the historic battle except for the discoveries done by archeologists. Indeed, the archeologists have done a lot of excavations to try and unravel the reality. The question remaining as did the Trojan War happen or is it just a myth.

On the other hand, many people have taken it to be a mere myth and not areal event that could have happened. This is because of the story teller of the stories of Troy. According to most interpretations, the Trojan War has been related to the gods of the Trojan. It is believed that the gods and goddesses played a crucial role in the Trojan War. The Greeks were sailing towards Troy for the war. On the return trip, another god is said to have played a crucial role in the war. The people of Greece were said to believe in the gods and goddess who could also determine the happenings of the future.

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