Violation of American Rights

The American Revolution began when the Americans citizens felt that the British were imposing numerous conditions on them than they could take. The British seemed to have taken control over the Americans; hence feeling like the British was making overstepping their boundaries.  Because of this, the Americans felt that the British violated their rules by imposing direct taxes and denying them representations in the parliament; inspecting their property without permission, and carrying out intolerable acts.

Firstly, the British colonialists in America violated the rights and powers of the Americans by imposing many taxes on them. Americans, through the Stamps Act, they experienced a lot of taxation by the English and protested. These taxes were imposed on their diplomas, wills, marriage certificates, newspapers, dice, almanacs, newspapers, and playing cards. As a result, the colonists were enraged and refused to pay the taxes. On contrast, the colonialists believed that the Americans should pay taxes in order to settle the costs of the Indian-French war.

Secondly, before the American Revolutionary, the Americans felt that the British violated their rights and powers through the denial to take part in parliament. The British demonstrated their complete authority over the colonies by not allowing any elections to the parliament. This was a highly unpopular law for the Americans because they wanted to have representatives in the law-making process. Here, the colonists wanted to have people to speak on their behalf on very significant issues, such as, taxation. Therefore, they revolted when the British had their way in every decision made in the colonies.

Thirdly, the British passed certain laws that did not sound fair to the colonists. For example, there were the Tea and Townshend Act that placed taxes on many highly indispensable goods including tea, glass, and paper. In fact, the colonists decided to boycott the British goods so that in 1770, they gathered and injured the British soldiers as a way of expressing their displeasure. This incident, as a result, marked the beginning of a serious resentment of the Americans towards the British. With the understanding of these facts, it is justified to say that the British colonialists violated the American powers and rights.

Fourthly, Americans rights and powers were violated by the British through the enactment of Quebec and intolerable Acts of 1774. The Quebec Act was meant to an extent the Quebec bounds to Ohio River; hence violating the American laws on boundaries. In addition to this law, the British passed other intolerable laws that consisted of the Boston Act, Quartering Act, Administration of Justice Act, and Massachusetts Government Act.  The passing of these laws would increase the British power in the colonies. Consequently, the Americans felt that the British were violating their rights and powers; hence, they planned a revolutionary mission.

In addition, it is true that the American colonists complained about the violation of their laws by the British. This is because the British wanted them house the soldiers by giving them food and bedding. According to the colonists’ laws, they were not allowed to be custodians of the soldiers. The act displeased the Americans because the English laws were against people’s responsibility of hosting strangers.  Therefore, by passing the Quartering Act, the British breached the American laws; hence causing them to revolt.

What is more, the British way of inspecting the people’s properties without their permission also caused the violation of the American’s rights and powers. The writs of assistance breached their rights and powers when they began searching people’s houses against the laws. In fact, the English laws stated that no government official has the authority to search anyone’s property without any good reason for suspicion of crime. Because the British officials were already conducting searches on the colonists’ properties, they complained that they were being violated. As a result, they decided to revolt against the British system of governance.

The passing of the Navigation Acts also raised a lot of controversy between the English and the Americans. This is because the British Empire used the mercantile system in their operation. This implies that the entire trade in the region was concentrated in the empire; hence restricting other trades in other empires. The British employed the system in an attempt to bar the trade between the Americans and the French. Moreover, the enactment of the royal proclamation and Molasses Acts also caused the violation of the American rights and powers by the British. In the Proclamation Act, some farmers were required to move to the west and start farms. Upon its modification, the act allowed settlement; hence angering the Americans because they were not consulted.

Moreover, the Americans felt that the British was violating their rights and powers through the implementation of republicanism. This was a political ideology motivated by the country party that was based in Britain. Republicanism emphasized corruption level in the British territories. As a result, the Americans opposed the ideology because of the fear that the corruption was fast coming to their region. Therefore, the Americans planned the revolution because they wanted to uphold their virtues.

The Americans believed that the British enforced a number of intolerable laws in the American colony. Some of the laws that the British government introduced in the American territories was Quartering Act, Tea Act, Townshend Act, Royal Proclamation Act, and the Quebec Act. More so, the British carried out the inspection of their properties without permission and imposed direct taxes on them.

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