World Power between 1890-1920

In between 1890 to 1920, the United States became a world power due to some reasons such as a growth in population, industrialization, and new methods of transportation.  One of the major breakthroughs to transportation was the Panama Canal. This canal contributed positively by creating new methods and routes of trade. By 1980, the US was the most productive economy globally, followed by Britain as its greatest competitor, although the American industry produced double of what Britain could produce. The following two paragraphs will address the main reasons which helped the US to become a world power.

The main reasons which made the US a world power are imperialism and helping to win WW1. Imperialism is whereby US extended its power over other nations and territories. There were six reasons that lend to imperialism. The first reason was the industrial revolution whereby the US industry had grown rapidly forcing industrialist to depend on overseas for new sources of raw materials, more markets to sell their goods, and new places for investment. The second reason was closing of the American frontier. By 1890, the US population had grown enough to be considered “closed”, forcing the manufacturers to explore overseas for new economic opportunities.

The third reason was European imperialism. The united states were not interested in territorial expansion, but their attitude towards expansion was triggered by Europeans who had started to seize millions of miles of territory in Africa and Asia. That is, European imperialism encouraged the American imperialism. The fourth reason was American nationalism in which expansionist were urging US to take overseas colonies through imperialism and by so doing they were meant to acquire overseas bases, build a powerful navy, and expand foreign markets. The fifth reason was social Darwinism in which American used the Darwin’s theory to ‘elevate the uncivilized people’ around the world. Finally, the president Roosevelt policy power promoted order and security in the western hemisphere by urging all the European nations to stay away from the western hemisphere.

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