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Facts About American Political System

Governance embodies the most interesting aspects of the conflicting and unrelenting relationship between rulers and peop... Details

ISO Certifications

This paper addresses how the development of ISO standards will act as a guiding body to provide the foundation of commo... Details

Various States to Prevent Kidnapping

It's, a subject no one wants to talk about. Crimes committed against executives in North America are unreported; no one... Details

Law for International Business

The framers of the Charter of the United Nations, like those of the Covenant of the League of Nations, have provided fo... Details


Objectivity has received a bad name. This presents a special problem to the field of law, and it is a problem that argu... Details

Description of the Pathways and Roles of the Two Feedback Systems

When the practical demands of World War II required a body of theoretical knowledge to facilitate the design of automati... Details