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A Frivolous Lawsuit

A frivolous lawsuit is the practice of starting or carrying a lawsuit that has no chance of winning. A lawsuit is consid... Details

Death Penalty as a Form of Punishment

In the society, justice to prevail by punishing those who are found guilty of crime. Without punishing law offenders the... Details

Research Critique

Guerette, Rob T. (2007). “Immigration Policy, Border Security and Migrant Deaths: An Impact Evaluation of Life Sav... Details

Law Enforcement Organizations

This research demonstrates the effectiveness of a peer officer support model among law enforcement personnel. Law enforc... Details

Juvenile Corrections

Past history does not present evidence of children receiving special treatment in the criminal judicial system. History... Details

Criminal Profiling: Principles and Practice

Profiling is one of the most areas of interest in Criminal Psychology. This is the process of identifying personality tr... Details