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Unfair Dismissal Laws

Unfair dismissal laws came into action in the 1970s as state governments created them in this period where they were per... Details

Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus is a writ or a legal action by which people seek relief or justice from unlawful detention or imprisonment... Details

Evidence to Be Tested

Crime incidents are not rare cases in many places of the globe, but they are unusual common events that criss-cross huma... Details

Crime and Punishment

Crime and punishment is an interesting story touching on the lives of relatives and friends as well as strangers in a Ru... Details

The Swiss Tax System

If the very name of Switzerland conjures up visions of idyllic natural beauty, snow-clad valleys, political peace, finan... Details

Gambling and Crime

Bongiorno (1984) argues that there is a close relationship between gambling and crime. Many scholars and policy makers h... Details