Constitutional Laws

In the society, there are numerous laws that have been established by government systems for the purpose of ensuring that some standards are maintained and that affairs of the citizens are taken care of.  Often, the parliamentary system of a given country establish laws that may serve to promote public safety as well as governing how to safe guard or interfere with individual rights with regard to probation, parole and institution of corrections.  To enhance safety, states can establish laws that establish standard to be followed in carrying out various tasks. As Craighead (2009) illustrate, some laws can be established guide manufacture of certain material and equipment in a safe way. Some established laws influence employment conditions that workers are exposed in order to minimize dangers (Pozgar 2007).  Other established laws stipulate how patients can be handled or how to dispense drugs in order to safeguard their safety while being treated in healthcare institutions (Brown, 2006).

Established laws can also affect rights bestowed to individuals by the constitution when need arise. For instance, the individuals can be interfered when one is placed under probation by a court of law where one will be restricted to some rules as well as supervised by an officer (Clear, Cole & Reisig, 2008).  Under parole, the rights of individuals are also limited by established laws which mandate the criminal offenders comply with some given set of regulation when released from prisons due to good conduct. (Wilcox, 1974). While on parole, the established laws that define the terms of parole influence what the offenders under parole can do and what they cannot do.

The use of correction institutions is as a result of established laws that are widely used to offer corrective strategies of offender who have been sentenced for various crimes. Jails or prisons have rules that are in accordance with established laws which are used to deprive prisoners of their rights. For instance, prisoners in jails have their movement restricted within their jail as well as visits. With these strategies, prisoners are corrected of their behavior. In all the above instances, established laws serve as a guideline (Rainbolt , 2006).

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