Crime Work: Robbery

Robbery is the crime of the taking or attempted taking of anything of value form another person by force, threatening or intimidation. It may either be armed or unarmed robbery. In armed robbery, the criminal uses a weapon like a knife, gun, club etc. it is different from ordinary theft in that robbery must be accompanied by violence and intimidation.

The crime scene

In a robbery scene, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of all involved. When the criminals are armed, the first reaction should be geared towards ensuring that the criminals are not prompted to use force where they may not use it.  Secondly evidence should be taken properly and sufficiently. This means that the photographs of the scene should be taken.  Everything that the criminals leave behind should be taken and labeled as evidence.

The Saturday night incidence

 After the gunshot, the detective takes cover, noting the registration numbers of the vehicles used by the teenagers. He then emerges and inspects Miss Watkins noting that the injury is not serious and organizes for an ambulance to take her to hospital before the detective takes her statement. The detective also takes a few photographs of the scene and identifies two evidences labeled as evidence1 and evidence 2 as the shell casing and the freeze cup respectively.

After analysis, it is established that the teenager who used the freeze cup is John Walker who is seventeen. This is reached upon after finger dusting the cup for finger prints which match with those of the teenager. Meanwhile, Miss Watson has recorded a statement with the police in which she identifies one of the vehicles as one of a neighbor.  Using the registration numbers gotten by the detective from the crime scene, it is established that the vehicle is owned by a lady. The lady reveals that on that Saturday evening, she had given her vehicle to her four cousins who are all between sixteen and seventeen by age. By this time, one more thing remains - to establish the motive of the teenagers. The detective then summons the teenagers who reveal that they had been sent by an uncle to steal money from Miss Watkins. The uncle is the immediate neighbor of the Watkins and the case is ready for prosecution. From the shell casing recovered from the crime scene, the gun used is a pistol which the uncle voluntarily surrenders to the detective on being summoned.

The case is now handed over to the prosecutor. He is given the role played by each person and the corresponding supporting evidence. The prosecutor then proceeds to prosecute the case in the law courts.

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