Death Penalty Paper

The notion of the death penalty refers to a method of capital punishment executed by different countries in response to crimes committed by offenders (killers). There are a number of viewpoints regarding this matter. This essay presents a detailed highlight of some of the reasons why death penalty as a way of dealing with offenders needs to be abolished.

Death penalty is a barbaric form of punishment and should be abrogated. Actually, it is brutal and immoral as it is a subject to affect even the innocent thus not rendering any form of justice other than violence. Human behavior can at the time be subject to comparison with animals especially when their behaviors are so abysmal. Capital punishment is so cruel to people who need rehabilitation and second chance in life.

The whole idea that capital punishment is a potential tool for deterrent of homicide in a country. History shows that in 1958 in the U.S, states which had abolished capital punishment registered fewest murderers in a period of two years as compared to other states, which were still upholding capital punishment.  It is also an erroneous idea that the fear of death spread by capital punishment reduces and discourages crime. This is not true since most criminal always opt to take their own lives rather than go through public humiliation of the death penalty thus implying that capital punishment is strategically designed for revenge but not justice. The truth is that the statement An eye for an eye would never resurrect a dead victim.

In conclusion, there are a number of viewpoints considering the issue of the death penalty. The matter is rather disputable regarding the norms of moral, ethics, and humanity. Death penalty is treated as a way of punishment; its aim is to stop cruelty. However, it prompts people’s ferocity and should be abolished.

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