In the age of our ancestors, marriage was a permanent affair that united man and woman until the time of their death. This has changed in the modern world, and most marriages end in divorce. Divorce is the termination of a marriage, and it is usually done according to the laws of a country. Different countries have different laws that govern divorce laws. This means that, you may find that grounds that are permissible for a divorce in one country cannot stand in another country. Many people often blame their partner for the fact that their marriage has ended in divorce. This blame game has led to the study of causes of divorce; and many causes have been put forward.

One cause of divorce is adultery. Adultery implies a married person having a sexual affair with a partner who is not their spouse. In many cultures, this is one of the most serious offenses a partner in a marriage setting can get involved in. Adultery is illegal in many countries as it is against marriage laws. We find that it is totally unforgivable, and there is no excusable reason as to why anyone in the marriage setting can involve themselves in it. However, it is the leading cause of divorce in many nations around the world.

Another cause of divorce is domestic violence. With time, and with emerging differences between married couples, most marriages turn to be abusive. Many couples develop these abusive traits majorly due to drug use or as a result of abuse they may have suffered at a young age, and they tend to replicate this in adult life. Domestic violence can be directed towards the wife, husband or even children. Although many cases of domestic violence go unreported, it is a prevalent practice and has ugly consequences.  In most instances, domestic violence can lead to injury or death of any of the family members. This can be tragic and; therefore, many opt to get an early divorce, to avert further abuse.

Addictions that include alcoholism, gambling and workaholism, are another cause of divorce. In these cases, a marriage partner is always engaged in an activity he or she likes and does not consider spending time or money on their family. Marriage is about companionship, and when one pair of a couple feels that the partner is not giving them full attention, they may seek separation with a hope of finding a better companion in the future.

Religious and cultural strain is another cause of divorce. In this case, a spouse is preoccupied with their religion or culture. Moreover, the marriage partners may be have different views on these two issues. Human beliefs in terms of religion change from time to time depending on the setting at the time. A couple might get married when they have the same religious beliefs, but in the cause of marriage, one partner converts to another religious belief. This definitely leads to conflicts, and depending on what religion one subscribes to, the marriage becomes intolerable. In such cases, the marriage ends up in divorce; either out of the couples choice or demands of the new religion prohibiting coexistence with another.

Financial constraints are another major reason that may result in divorce. In any family set up, the couple has to agree as to whom will be the breadwinner or who handles different financial responsibilities. In almost all cultures, women believe that the husband is the head of the family, and thus when he fails to provide for his family because of lack of money, divorce is likely to occur. 

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