Juvenile Competence Study

As is evident with almost all teenagers, the stealing behavior of Joey  can be associated mainly to the following factors:-

(a)  A single parent family

(b)  Being of school age and not attending school

(c)   Bad company and neighborhood

(d)  Being a  minor

A single parent family

As with all growing children , the essence of having both parents, i.e. mother and father is not only crucial but a necessity in order for that child to grow and function accordingly. Lack of any one of these two parents may massively affect the normal behavior of any teenager as they may develop some inferiority complex among their peers which may in turn affect their adulthood.  As a teenage boy of 15 years, it’s psychologically proven that Joey needs a mentor most likely a father figure who he can emulate and look up to for assistance both materially and emotionally. As is the case with Joey , it’s evident that he is raised by a single parent and  the absence of a male figure in his life while growing up may have forced him to turn to his peers for advise which may have been misleading and thus made him to steal.

Being of school age and not attending  school

Joey , being 15 years old is in real life scenario expected to be pursuing his studies which is not the case. The fact that  he is still growing  up and maturing  is very evident as to why he decided to go ahead with his notion of stealing the car.  This can be justified by the fact that his mind is expected to be pre-occupied with school work but instead he had to have something equal to occupy his idle but equally active and creative mind.

This may have therefore made him to scheme on how to lay his hands on the car and as the saying goes , ‘ an idle mind is a devil’s den ‘, and  this may certainly have taken quite some time to plan.

Bad company and neighborhood:

As children grow up, they tend to pick and adapt very easily and quickly to their environs and according to the wise sayings, ‘ you are who you associate with’,  and this is real in the case of Joey as idling with other teens is very dangerous especially as this is the discovery age and if there is no guidance or counseling provided or offered , he may indulge in life threatening activities like drug abuse, sexual immorality etc. Having been raised in a poor urban area may also have had it’s good share to his indecent behavior in that he had been exposed to a lot of indisciplined activites since childhood and thus he was immune to crime life which is the order of the day in such surroundings.

His constant absenteeism from school or even home may have greatly contributed to his uncouth behavior as there was no one to commend or encourage him when he did good , instruct or correct him on the way forward when wrong , which teenagers his age greatly need.

Being a minor:

Being a teenage-minor leaves Joey with no option but to rely totally on his peers who may not be the best to guide or emulate and since he is considered a child legally, his capacity  to think  and  reason out critically is still questionable. His uncalled for behavior, may also have been triggered by the biological factor of hormonal imbalance which is very common with teenagers but which can be controlled by showing love, care and compassion.

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