Liabilities of Dizzy

Liabilities of Dizzy and his defense against the different parties involved.

Dizzy Annie is also liable for the damage she caused on Ted’s car during the accident. Ted can claim that Dizzy was speeding his car and, he could not see her early enough to react because it was at an intersection. In defense to this, Dizzy can say that there was no any warning sign indicating any intersection around. Dizzy is also liable for the injuries she caused to Mr. Manhole in his place of work. Dizzy on the other hand can defend herself that there was no warning sign to indicate that there was a dangerous hole around. Mr. Dong can sue Dizzy on the following basis. Firstly, Mr. Dong suffered a mortal injury caused by a stray bullet from Dizzy’s gun. Secondly, Dong’s wife miscarried as a result of her reaction in an attempt to save her husband’s life when he got shot. This was a huge loss to Mr. Dong and his family as they lost a child and triggered More Dong’s heart attack. The driver can sue Dizzy for causing him deep injuries through his chest when Dizzy put a toothpick through his heart, however, Dizzy can defend herself saying it due to her unstable mental state and the fright she was in that made her do so. It was also for self defense against the “possessed Dracula” that she thought had attacked her.

Liabilities of Ted and defense against Dizzy Annie.

According to the law, Ted is liable for hitting at Dizzy’s car, forcing it on to a tree and causing physical damages to her car and even destabilizing her mental status.Another charge Dizzy can raise against Ted is the broken leg which Dizzy suffered when she fell into a manhole when being chased by a dog. It was as a result of the impact between the car and the tree that sent Dizzy into a daze and she began wandering around on the street not sure of where she was and attempted to kiss a dog, which there after chased her causing her to fall into an open manhole, injuring herself and Mr. Manhole. Ted is also liable for the loss Dizzy suffered for not participating in the Olympics hop skip and Jump due to sprained legs. Despite these charges, Ted can defend himself that Dizzy was the major cause of her predicaments since she broke the traffic rules by speeding even at an intersection.

Liabilities of Mr. Manhole to Dizzy

Mr. Manhole is legally liable to Dizzy for breaking a business law. The law requires one to put a warning sign or fence around areas under construction. Dizzy can therefore, sue Mr. Manhole for negligence because he did not abide to these laws. However, Mr. Manhole can defend himself on the basis that, there is a warning sign, but due to Dizzy’s unstable mentally state and the fright she suffered from the approaching dog and possibly she did not see the warning sign that was in place.    

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