Miami-Dade County Drug Court

The place of the first establishment of the Drug Court

The first drug court was established in Miami-Florida.

FAQs about Miami-Dade County Drug Court

Who do I call if I am a person with a disability who needs assistance?

Assistant public defender of the Drug Court – Cynthia Wolper

Who do I contact for more information about Miami-Dade County's Drug Court?

Assistant public defender of the Drug Court – Cynthia Wolper

How do clients "graduate" from Drug Court?

The client graduates by making a plea in the normal criminal court. If granted, he/she is set free.

What happens if Drug Court participants fail to comply with the Program's requirements?

The participant is likely to face additional sanctions, incarceration or disqualification from the program.

How does the Drug Court judge monitor each participant's progress in treatment?

The judge relies on the feedback from the various offices that are in charge of the offender.

What are the benefits of Drug Court for offenders who successfully complete the Program?

The offender benefits from the rehabilitation program as well as other vocational skills learnt in the program.

How does the program work?

The participant in the program is taken through three phases of treatment and monitoring. The first phase is assessment and evaluation. It takes place on a daily basis from Monday to Friday for a minimum of 12 days. If the participant manages to go for 7 days without using drugs, his or her counselor may recommend advancement to stage two. This phase addresses the participant’s receptiveness to substance abuse treatment. It emphasizes on a drug free lifestyle, social adjustment and the development of mechanism to help in coping with stressful situation. Treatment is 3 times a week for a period of 14 weeks. If outcome is satisfactory, the participant moves to stage three. This is the last stage and emphasizes on support and maintenance treatment. It is noting that there is a fair fee the participant is expected to pay depending on their income. It not, he or she should offer equivalent service hours. If the participant misses 3 days without any valid reason, he/she would be reported to pre-trial who then informs the judge. The judge may then issue an arrest warrant.

How long does the Program last?

The program takes a minimum of one year.

Who is eligible for Drug Court?

Florida resident who is legal to work in the United States of America

Who do I call if I have scheduling questions for Judge Deborah White-Labora?

In court representative in the department of children and families – Val Anderson

How is Miami-Dade County's Drug Court different from normal prosecution through Criminal Court?

The Miami-Dade County Drug court takes a minimum period of 1 year whereas prosecution through criminal court takes a minimum of 180 days.

The offender avoids the prosecutorial programs that take place in the normal courts. Instead, he/she is placed under treatment and rehabilitation program.

The state that replicated the Miami Dade Drug Court Model

New York State replicated the Miami Dade Drug Court Model. They remarkably succeeded in reducing the number of offends committed by the drug court graduates.

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