My Area of Interest in Law


I am interested in studying business law with specialization in corporate law and International business transaction. There are several reasons for my inclination towards these subjects. I expect that my application for studying in the University will be accepted keeping in view my fervor towards learning business law and International business transaction.

My Area of Interest in Law

I want to pursue law to study Corporate Law and International Business Transaction in detail. Both of these are the subjects of my interest. I am a native of Thailand and I believe that the economy can prosper if Business Law and the International Business Transaction both are properly implemented in the country. I aspire to become a judge in my country so that I can contribute towards the appropriate implementation of law.

I have learnt a lot about the American Law while studying at the Southern Methodist University School of Law (SMU). Along with this learning, I have come to know various details about the American culture as well. I believe that America is one nation that has been able to demonstrate fair and transparent law enforcement. This learning has strengthened my vision of developing Thailand to be a country that puts into effect law and order. Before I read this detail about America, I used to become skeptical sometimes about the possibility of turning my vision into a reality. But now, I am sure that there is surely a likelihood of a country that represents proper adherence of law, order and procedures. The prosperity of a country very much depends on the way the law and order is carried out in the country. There are students from different countries in the discussion and it broadened my perspective of looking at things as I got to know in details how these countries deal with the issues and problems that they face. I trust that all this knowledge will help me to put it in a constructive manner so that the legal system of Thailand is polished to be brought to a higher level of adherence.

I find Business – Corporate Law very interesting because of its unique nature. I have studied about the different forms of businesses that are set up in United States. Unlike Thailand, United States has Limited Liability Company. I think that this kind of formation should be introduced in Thailand as well because it will encourage prospective entrepreneurs to form this kind of business and protect themselves from unlimited liability. This will augment the growth of the economy as a whole.

Another are of interest for me is International Business Transaction. I was working in Chevron, one of most well-established trading companies in the world, when I noticed my interest in the International Business Transaction. The business from International domain will help the Thailand economy to flourish. I realize that I can make a substantial contribution to the sector of Business Law of Thailand in the future by gaining complex awareness of jurisprudence from countries of the west and to incorporate practical skills from legal systems of the west.

If my application for studying the course is accepted, I will be able to follow my dream in the right direction as I wish to become a judge. Also, after the course, I will have the authority to command discipline from the society.

After the completion of my studies, I plan to return to Thailand to resume my work as a legal consultant for public help center of government. In the meanwhile, I will take a judge’s examination. I am confident that the skill and knowledge that I expect to gain during my studies at Washington University in St. Louis will certainly enable to achieve my career objective.

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