Probation and Parole

In the case of Gragnon V. Scarpelli who served a probation sentence in the state of Wisconsin of armed robbery, the Supreme Court sentenced Scarpelli to 15 years imprisonment, the judge then suspended Scarpelli’s sentence and ordered him to serve 7 years probation. Scarpelli was also arrested for burglary in Illinois. His probation was cancelled by the Wisconsin Department of Public Welfare subsequent to his admission to police that he participated in burglary (Abadinsky, 49). Thereafter he disputed his admission that it was made under pressure. Following revocation proceedings, Scarpelli was imprisoned. The Supreme Court held in an 8-1 decision stating that the probationer’s sentence could only be withdrawn after a preliminary revocation hearing. In my opinion, regarding the first part of the ruling an individual cannot be revoked without a hearing hence his case ought to be heard first.

Liberty interest is an interest in freedom from governmental deprivation of liberty especially without due process (Abadinsky, 87). Liberty interest can also mean the least restrictive means to do something.

Basic purposes of a presentence investigation report serves as a charging document and display proving criminal conduct. In addition to that it also serves as the kin to a magistrate judge’s report and recommendation and helps determine an appropriate sentence (Abadinsky, 203).  It is also used to calculate the release date.

Victim impact assessment help provide means for the court to refocus its attention at least momentarily on the human cost of crime and also provision of a way for the convict to take part in the criminal justice procedures. (Abadinsky, 112) In my view it can also refer to written or oral information about the impact of the crime on the victim and the victims’ family.

The philosophy upon which the system of justice used for Juveniles in the USA focussed more on rewarding good behaviour instead of punishing bad. These convicts are given opportunities to attend school and even go to work. (Abadinsky, 254) I think this is the kind of philosophy that should be used in every other part of the world. This is because it allows convicts to continue with their normal life hence they don’t feel isolated and demoralised like they would do if they were only punished.

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