Property and Violent Crimes in Fairfax County VA

Crime is a necessary evil in the society. Just like there are opposite forces operating in the world, crime represents the force of evil. There are different types of crime in the society. Among them are property and violent crimes. This category is a collection of crimes that are of a similar nature. They include burglary, shoplifting, vandalism, motor theft, among others. The nature of the goods involved in these crimes makes them extremely lucrative.  Most small volume goods are easy to sell to pawn shops. They attract less attention hence cannot be traced easily once stolen

Fairfax County is the most populous in the metropolitan area. It is hence home to many unemployed youths who do not have another source of livelihood other than petty and mainstream crimes. Crime in this area has gone down tremendously over the last few months. In fact, last year recorded the lowest crime rate in the country over the last 40 years. This could be attributed to strengthening of the police force or a decrease in unemployment rates.

The effects of property and violent crimes are dire for the society. For instance, there is the loss of manpower due to imprisonment of the culprits. There is also the financial and economic loss as a result of property loss. This slows the region’s economic growth. The most significant effect of violent crimes is a rise of security concerns in the area. If insecurity in the area runs out of control, the general welfare of the citizens living in this county will fall into jeopardy

Since the county is the financial hub of the metropolis, it is imperative for the county’s police force to maintain the crime at a minimum level. This way, people will live safely, and their property will remain safe. Rehabilitation centers for criminals should be established so as to help reincorporate them back into society.

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