Trends in Prescription Drug Abuse among Teenagers

Prescription drug abuse involves the use of prescription drugs by individuals for the purposes that are different from the doctor’s prescription. Teenagers, for instance, use some prescription drugs to get high. This amounts to an abuse.

According to Dr. Jane Maxwell from the University of Texas, abuse of prescription drugs among teenagers is one of the recently emerging social concerns in the present society. Every year teenagers come up with new and dangerous ways of getting high. The researcher continues to claim that, on many occasions, curiosity and innovativeness of individuals may work against them. Research indicates that the rate at which teens in the US abuse prescription drugs exceeds the abuse of any other illicit drug except marijuana. In addition, a majority of these teens have easy and free access to the prescription drugs, mostly from their friends and relatives. There is sufficient evidence that show an increasing level of abuse of prescription drugs among teenagers. For instance, the center for Health and Health Care in Schools reveals current statistics on recent trends in prescription drug abuse among teens. Other agencies that deal with drug abuse in the US have also provided tangible evidence on the rise in abuse of prescription drugs (The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools).

Causes of the trend

Teens’ mentality remains to be a leading factor that has facilitated to the rise in the level of abuse of prescription drugs is the mentality among teenagers. Most teenagers believe that prescription drugs provide a safe way of getting high, unlike the other illicit drugs, such as Marijuana and cocaine. Secondly, the easy and free access to prescription drugs by teenagers has also contributed immensely to the increasing trend. Teenagers get help from their friends and relatives in the access to prescription drugs. Lastly, poor disposal mechanisms of unused prescription drugs, both at home and schools, allow teenagers to get an easy access to the drugs, facilitating abuse.

An examination of abuse of prescription drugs is a necessary aspect in today’s society. Most teenagers are increasingly abusing prescription drugs that leads to the dangerous side effects. Parents and school managers must understand the causes of this trend and the possible ways of stopping this from further occurrence.

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