UAE Court System

A court is an institution of the government, basically, a tribunal with the mandate of presiding over legal disputes which normally occurs between different people, groups or parties thus administering justice administrative, criminal and civil cases basing strictly on the set rule of law. Generally, the court is the basis of resolving matters related to both common law and the civil war however, this is always done within legal framework of the legal system. The court allows every person to take their cases to the court regardless of who they are. On the other hand it also a framework to allow all accused persons to present their defense team with regard to the case before the court.

The judiciary is the arm which is given the full mandate of interpreting and strictly applying the law without consideration. Jurisdictions is the actual authority set for the court therefore the court usually acts within this power in coming up with petitions or making choices with regard to certain questions raised (Price, 2009). The court is made up of a total of three parties; the person who is offended or the person who takes the case to the court is referred to as the actor, and the person who is usually called upon with the aim of making related satisfaction for the case is called the defendant and the team which is given the power of finding the truth of the case is called the judex. The judex has also the duty of deterring the kind of law which might arise upon the facts in the case and to further determine if any form of inquiries have been made in that particular case thus weighing weather to apply a legal remedy or not.

There are so many types of cases which are normally dealt with in the court system; however the way they are resolved may differ due to the set laws governing such cases. On the other hand the final verdict also depends mostly on evidence presented during the case. In other instance where the defendant either presents himself or herself to the police officers or the actor decides to withdrawal the case from the court the judex applies the law in resolving such kind of case. Some situations where a case is settled by a mediator outside the court, the two parties involved together with the judges can possibly agree on withdrawing the case from the court however, this kind of case are usually not crucial (Price, 2009).

There are cases which involve families and children. This includes divorce, child custody, visitation and support and visitation, names and name change, generally these types of cases are dealt with in courts known as the family courts which have a set of laws to be applied when presiding over cases, and they are called family law practices (Moens, 2009). There are legal frameworks and forms of application procedures, pamphlets, brochures and booklets which are used during the entire process of this type of cases. Cases involving consumer are also tricky when dealing with therefore is advisable for anybody to be informed clearly about the law and rights that protects an individual’s income and his or her home. This plays a vital role in ensuring that one is judgment proof. Each state has set laws which basically intend to protect the consumers against deceptive or unfair practices or acts in commerce or trade.

Domestic violence is another rampart case which is dealt with in the court room basing on the relevant or applicable law (Grieco & Ikenberry, 2002). Domestic violence comprises of any form of offence or abuse committed by a family member, an intimate partner or a household. On the other hand offence committed in a dating relationship also falls under domestic violence. The court provides protection to the abused if; he or she is physically harmed, made afraid and if forced to have sex. The main role of this court order is protecting the abused from getting harmed more. This order is referred to as “the abuse preventive order”, “restraining order” or “209A”. Domestic violence sometimes is referred to as battering.

Unemployment and employment is another sensitive sector when it comes to court cases. Workers have several rights; they must get paid the total amount of money they earned, be totally free from any kind of discrimination at there working place and collection unemployment benefits when you lose your job out of will (Grieco & Ikenberry, 2002). The court strictly follows the set rules when resolving matters related to this type of cases. The court has the mandate of keeping all criminal records and the affiliated persons, however a person’s name can not appear in the criminal records if he or she changed there name after the crime was committed, thus when a person changes his name his or her criminal record does not include the new name.

Using the court system has enabled many offended people, groups or parties get justice. It has also played a vital role in ensuring that differences between different parties are resolved in a very appropriate manner. Each and every individual has his or her own rights as a citizen but during different occasions this rights are totally violated but the court plays a crucial role in ensuring that the offended person is rightfully given what belongs to him or her. Its is only through the use of the court system that every citizen in the state will get what is rightfully theirs, therefore justice will always prevail within and outside the state.         

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