Welfare Policy

1.      Significance of the Welfare Policy

The American social welfare policy remains as one of the most significant policies that have changed the United States since the 1930s. In 1935, President Franklin Theodore Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, which “provided a watershed for both welfare and health-care movements” signifying the government’s commitment to helping people who were affected by the great depression of the 1930s (Stevens & Stevens, 2003, p.2). The creation of the American welfare policy during this period was of enormous significance because it allowed the government to develop structures that would help people with aid and other forms of assistance protecting them against the biting depression. Besides, the welfare policy is also particularly critical because it has evolved to cater for new challenges facing the poor such as unemployment.

2.      How Has Welfare Policy Improved Stability of Black Families?

Black families are some of the beneficiaries who have gained significantly from the social welfare policy. For many years, black families in America have been disadvantaged in many ways compared to their male counterparts. For instance, recent statistics reveal 25% of African-American households experienced “food insecurity in 2009” (SC Black News, 2011, para.4). However, the welfare policy allowed them to receive more Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs, which will continue to cater for more black families. During the 1960, many social programs had “African Americans were overrepresented” (Jewell, 2003, p.53). Moreover, the government is planning to introduce more benefits such as tax relief to cater for more Africa-Americans. These efforts and those to come will enhance stability of many homes of black families.

3.      Possible Future Implications of This Policy

Social welfare policy has played a vital role in easing the challenges that Americans have faced in the past. With this policy aiming at assisting poor people and those without a means to help themselves, many Americans have received help through this program. However, there are several future implication for this policy. Social welfare is highly likely to provide more American with assistance in various areas of life, especially with people bracing more economic challenges. In addition, social welfare policy is likely to provide more services as societal needs become complex. This is because more people remain vulnerable to societal forces that render them jobless or in dire need of aid.

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