White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes threaten the growth of the economy of a country. This is because there is illegal allocation of funds where some people take the money meant for other uses. Early in the 19th century, Sutherland (1848), who is referred to as the “father” of white collar crime studies, has been the contributor to American criminology. The white collar crimes result in loss of a large amount of money or public assets. In most cases, the commercial institution like the banks and insurance companies are the   most affected by this kind of crimes. In cases involving white collar crimes there are both the beneficiaries and losers. Different responses are given to the white collar crimes by the government whenever they are detected (Sutherland, 1983).

Some of the responses given to the white collar criminal activities have not been very efficient in the control of such crimes. In this case, administrative regulation would be the least formal response to the white collar crimes. This is because it would be hard to track those involved in these activities by just the regulation of the administration. More effective means are supposed to be put in place to track those involved in white collar crimes. Early criminology scholars in America have proposed some solutions to the white collar crimes. Some of the proposals given by the scholars have been found to be effective in the fight against the destructive white collar crimes. Some have been associated with problems and hence regarded as inefficient in providing a solution to the white collar crimes. For example, utilitarianism has been associated with several problems; the method does not consider the individual affected by the crime.

The responses given to the white collar crimes should be very efficient in order to give a lasting solution to the problem. Some responses are found to be inefficient because they do not address the issue directly and with the seriousness this criminal activity deserves (Sutherland, 1983). According to the text, the most efficient response to the white collar crimes would be they are driven by an appropriate mix of moral and practical considerations. In order to promote and encourage people to pay taxes, the government or the concerned body has to use some methods to ensure people comply with the payment of taxes. Some of the methods used have been effective in making the public to pay the taxes. According to the text, several arguments have been made in favor of moral appeals to promote the taxpayer compliance. However, the argument stating that the taxes may reach some potential offenders who could not be reached in other ways has not been given in favor of moral appeals to promote taxpayer compliance.

Businesses ethics are very essential in the sucsses of any business or commercial activity. They provide the guideline to the way the business is to be conducted good performance. According to the text, business ethics have demonstrated improved business conduct greatly. There are different kinds of sanctions that can be imposed (Bergeiik, 1994). In most cases, sanctions are imposed by the government or any other legal body of a country. Some sanctions are positive while others are negative to the group or the person to whom the sanctions are imposed. Praise would not qualify as a positive sanction according to the text. The imposed sanctions have both merits and demerits.

Some sanctions have been used as a tool for the economic development because they are advantageous in nature. One of the merits of the sanctions is that they promote trust within an organization. However, according to the text the statement that the sanctions are less likely to be alienating is not an advantage of positive sanctions. Some sanctions have both the positive and negative sanctions. This mostly depends on the nature of the sanction being imposed. According to the text licensure and revocation contains both positive and negative elements regarding the sanctions imposed.

In conclusion, there are different kinds of crimes and each has its own impact to the society or the public. The crimes committed negatively affect the progress of the economic activities in a country. It is therefore, the obligation of the government to come up with preventive measures to the problem.

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