A Course in Computed Tomography

Many advances in medical sciences are brought about by the developments in physical sciences and technologies. They have revolutionized many areas like, for instance, the diagnosis and a surgical process and also have helped medical scientists to unravel the mysteries of life.  No doubt, these new tools have helped patients to overcome numerous diseases; they have also helped to advance career opportunities in medical fields at all levels. Computed Tomography is one such exciting technology that has achieved prominence as a powerful diagnostic tool and that offers great career opportunity to workers in medical field.

Computed tomography (CT) is a technique of employing computerized imaging techniques using X-rays to get pictures of the body at desired cross sections.  This implies a great improvement over normal X-ray images as CT scan images give unbelievable details of internal conditions as it is possible to even construct the three dimensional models of the body,  thanks to the information processing power of the computer technologies.  The procedure involves the machine’s x-ray beams rotating around the body of a patient while all the images are stored and processed by the computer to get the type of view that gives all the needed information.  Latest machines can perform the whole body scan in just 30 seconds and yield wealth of information about all the organs in the body of the patient.

Computed tomography is used to diagnose the infection, identify existence of tumors and cancerous growth, study blood vessels, and give valuable information to surgeon to guide the surgery.  There is a doubt that because of these functions CT scan has turned out to be a main diagnostic tool in modern medical practice.

CT scan technologist needs to have clear idea of scanning process and how to accurately understand physician’s requirements for a specific scanning job.  It involves administering contrast materials and learning to correctly operate the equipment in order to catch appropriate images.  Since scanning machines emit radiation, it is necessary to protect patients from harm caused by not following safety measures. CT technologist needs to be qualified with proper training in radiology and then take advanced courses.

The profession of CT scan technologist is both rewarding financially and offers ample opportunities for growth as this cutting edge technology is in the forefront of rapid advances. Competence in this field rewards you with unlimited opportunities and job satisfaction.

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