Abortion in the United States


Abortion cases have been on the increase in the United States recently. This is because abortion has been legal in the US since 1973. However, battles continue to rage in courtrooms regarding the validity of abortion with some quarters indicating that it should be outlawed and only practiced when situation beckons. According to Tribe (2008), those supporting the idea indicate that it is a person’s own prerogative and should be considered as a civil liberty. Thus, research indicates that close to 50 million abortions have been induced legally since 1973.

This essay expounds on the abortion predicament in the United States.

The rate of abortion is high among minority women in the US. Notably, Black and Hispanic women top the list of women that abort in the US. Shapiro (2001), asserts that the abortion rates increase on a yearly basis with Black women leading the list. Among the reasons advanced for the abortions include the need for postponing childbearing, lack of support from the man, fetal and maternal health, and need for ample time to study or work.

Several opinions abound regarding the issue of abortion in the United States. According to a research conducted in 2008, 43 percent of the population was pro life with 51 percent of respondents indicating that it is a matter of a personal choice. Naden (2007), points out that two percent of the population did not hold any opinion regarding the matter, while 1 percent of the population indicated they do not know what the term entails.

In conclusion, the abortion rate in the United States has significantly increased because of its legalization in 1973. Among reasons cited for abortion is pressure from the society, lack of capacity to raise a child, need for time to study or work, and fetal and maternal health concerns. Thus, this has resulted to close to 50 million abortions that have being induced since its legalization.

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