Abortion Issues

Abortion is one of the controversial moral issues that have elicited opposing debates on its illegibility in protecting the life of both the mother and the developing child. Most of these debates are based on whether to commit a murder or allow someone to die. The write up discusses opposing positions taken by scholar regarding abortion.

According to Victoria (2010), abortion, which is termed as a procedural termination of pregnancy, is an ethical issue that has elicited controversial views around the world. She notes that institutions and scholars, who support abortion, have the view of enhancing the life of the woman that is endangered by the presence of the developing fetus. While, on the other hand, scholars, who oppose the act, denote religious standings that advocate for the need to sustain human life irrespective of the consequences of not constituting abortion. The write up seeks to discuss the opposing positions taken by scholar regarding abortion with the help of the natural law ethical theory.

Opposition Positions Regarding Abortion

According to Beckwith (2008), the natural law ethical theory, which is purely based on the human reasoning, allows abortion if it is intended to protect and safeguard the life of a woman, who is endangered by the unwanted pregnancy due to unjust practices, such as rape. He notes that woman’s personal interest and comfort should be put above the life of the baby whose human development is still in question. Additionally, he points out that the human tissue that is produced within a woman is her property, and, therefore, if it possesses risk to her life, she is at liberty to dispose of it. This presents a fetus developing in a womb as a property of the woman, who can terminate it if she feels that her life is put in danger due to fetus’ presence.

However, Slick (2009), stating the same theory, argues that abortion should not be allowed since it is an act of causing murder of an innocent life. He points out that rape is a horrible incident, but should not be used as a punishment for a child in a womb paying for sins committed by someone else. He notes that a baby in a womb is innocent of the offense that have transpired, and his or her life should be protected and valued as the life of other innocent human beings.


In conclusion, the write up has highlighted abortion as an ethical issue that denotes the quest of taking the life of a person and letting someone die. It has pointed out the need for more research to enable people to evaluate on the consequences of constituting abortion in saving either the life of a mother or a baby developing in the womb.

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