Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer’s Association is an organization situated in Philadelphia that is mainly interested in eradicating Alzheimer all over the world. This organization was founded in 1980 and is known to be the leading organization in the provision of Alzheimer’s care.  This paper analyzes the structure of Alzheimer Association.

Structure of Alzheimer’s Association

Current executive director of Alzheimer’s Association in Philadelphia is Melisa Goldman. This organization is mainly led by different Board of Directors. They are the same directors that are in charge of the corporation affairs. Apart from this, the Board of Directors is also in charge of approving contracts and determining the company’s policies. Policies of the organization require the board of directors to be made of at least five members and not more than of twenty. The organization has a total of seven committees (Coste, 2004).

Senior Staff

Alzheimer Association has different senior staff members. The most senior position is that of the organization's president. Harry Johns is the CEO of the organization. Other positions are as follows: vice president led by Robert J. Eggie in charge of advocacy and public policy; Scott Gardener, a vice president who is in charge of the chapter relations; Angela Geiger, a chief strategy officer; William H. Thies, the chief medical officer, and Richard Hovland, the chief operations officer (Beaulieu, 2002).

Staff Members

Alzheimer’s Association employs a total of 100-250 employees. These individuals are divided into various departments in regard to their qualifications. There is a total of ten departments in this organization. The first department is the consulting department with a total of twelve employees. Finance department has twenty employees, the human resource department is made up of eleven employees, and marketing department consists of ninety seven employees. To add on that, there are other departments like operations department with its twenty six members, sales department with ten employees, scientist department with ten, medical and health department, which has twenty nine people working in it, engineering and technical department that consists of twenty four employees, and finally, the legal department that has only three employees. This is an overview of the employees’ distribution in different departments of Alzheimer’s Association (Coste, 2004).


Volunteers play a vital role in the development of Alzheimer’s Association. These volunteers are important because they help the organization in realizing its main goals and objectives. There are a total of thirty five thousand volunteers working with Alzheimer’s organization in ensuring the world free of Alzheimer disease, which is a well-spread form of dementia. The organization opens opportunities for all people who are willing to offer volunteer services. Available volunteer opportunities include telephone assistance, speaker’s bureau, health fairs, data entry, and mailings. Alzheimer does not have a specific volunteer website but rather encourages volunteers to contact their local office.

To my opinion, the turnover of volunteers to this organization is rather a big indication that they do appreciate the services offered by this organization. Another reason why individuals offer services to this organization is to ensure that there are less instances of Alzheimer all over the world (Beaulieu, 2002).


Alzheimer’s Association is an organization with its main goal geared toward eradicating Alzheimer’s disease (AD) all over the world. The board of directors is in charge of all corporation affairs. The number of organization’s employees is of a minimum of a hundred workers and a maximum of two hundred and fifty. Volunteers have played a vital role to the organization in ensuring that it achieves its goal as well as in fulfilling its mission.

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