Data Analysis of Body Substance Exposures

Body exposures to potentially infectious substances and objects such as used medical sharps, spits and splash are major cause of the highest percentage of body infections amongst health care workers. These substances and objects if not handled carefully may transmit serious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis, tuberculosis and many others. Going by the data collected from Cherry Hill campus and Washington Township I the first quarter 2010, the former was at a greater exposure to potential infection than the latter.

From the first quarter of the year 2010 specifically in the month of January four needle sticks were used at Cherry Hill campus. Moreover, potential exposure prophylaxis (PEP) was not used in Cherry Hill where it was most needed due to high number of needle sticks used. In the month of February two needle sticks and one sharp were used in Cherry Hill campus and no PEP was used here. Cherry Hill had high risk exposure since they had one sharp in addition to the two needle sticks used. In the month of March one needle stick, one spit, and one splash were recorded in Cherry Hill campus. Health practitioners had a big risk of being exposed to infections in Cherry Hill holding the fact that no PEP was used.

The same first quarter of the year 2010 in Stratford campus, the following data was collected. Two needle sticks were used in the month of January and no PEP was used. The following month of February the same year one splash and one needle stick was used and no PEP was used lastly in the month of march one sputum, one sharp and one needle stick were used. In this month physicians were in need of PEP though none was used. Physicians were at higher risk in March than February and January respectively.

During the first quarter of the same year data collected from Washington Township shows as follows: One needle was used in the month of January 2010, two needle sticks in February, and one sharp in March. Medics here were less exposed and they did not require PEP for preventing possible infection since the risk was very low. To conclude, both health centres posed some risks to their healthy workers and it was important to put some measures.

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