Disorders of Digestive and Musculoskeletal System

There exists various health risks associated with obesity, which Mr. C is likely to suffer from, especially based on the fact that he has gained unprecedented weight in the past two years. The first fundamental risk is about his high blood pressure, which is provoked by the increased fats in the body. Since fat requires more oxygen the heart becomes the subject to its over-performance. The second risk is connected with the type 2 diabetes, which seriously renders the body as insulin resistant. Moreover, the research has shown that heart disease such as atherosclerosis is really common among the people with obesity. For that reason, I see that it has a potential danger to Mr. C’s life. Apart from the main health complications caused by atherosclerosis, others include its affects on people’s knees, sleep apnea, which causes unexpected breathing complications, metabolic syndromes and psychosocial effects (NHLBI, 2012).

I do not think that bariatric surgery is currently the most appropriate strategy to help this patient to reduce his weight. It is important to note that this type of surgery should be taken only when all other avenues of reducing weight have been exhausted.  In this case, we are not sure whether that is the case. Moreover, it is reported that Mr. C has not suffered from any metabolic complications that would warrant such surgery (NHLBI, 2012).

As for the drugs, to Mr. C should take those, which are proved to be effective. Thus, drugs are to be taken as prescribed: one hour before 12 am, 11 am, and at 5 pm. Those drugs that are prescribed to take three hours after meal shall be taken at 10 am, 3 pm, and at 9 pm. The main thing is that Mr. C understands the importance of those drugs for his health, thus, I suspect that the patient will accept this schedule without any reservations (Fajnwaks P et.al, 2008).  

In terms of functional health patterns, it is clear that Mr. C is severely indebted in daily body exercises. Thus, we can notice such dramatic increase in his weight due to the failure to conduct regular physical exercises. Nutrition is also very important as big chunks of food cause weight gain as well. The patient He might also have a lot of sexual reproduction complications since obesity is associated with poor reproduction capacity (Fajnwaks P et.al, 2008).

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